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Judgement Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of XX Judgement Tarot Card?Judgement stands for acceptance in the Tarot. Just as a Judgement can be accepted, so can life circumstances and situations be accepted and accepted. Whoever is patient will be rewarded in any case. An old concept of life will slowly but surely be dissolved and another one will emerge. As always, the transitions are fluid.

Short Meaning Judgement

  • Acceptance
  • Acceptance
  • Patience
  • Addendum
  • Respect

The Tarot Card Judgement primarily symbolizes acceptance and acceptance. Finally, the other aspects such as patience and respect are based on it. This applies both to professional matters and to the personal sphere. This tarot card is very much reminiscent of the saying to change things that need to be changed, to see the rest as a coincidence and to be able to distinguish between the two variants. I think daily meditation helps here.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Judgement

The tarot card Judgement symbolizes a kind of transcendence. This means that nothing is lost in the universe, it merely changes, transforms itself. It does not have to be only about material goods, it can also be about views, habits and the like. Judgement beckons with a reward if this transformation is accepted. The universe holds a new orientation in store. I think that those who are willing to let go of the old and accept the new circumstances can profit enormously from this and gain new interesting experiences.

The Judgement In Love And Relationship

Relationally, The Judgement shows that the connection is brought to a higher level. In which framework this happens depends on the individual circumstances, but overall more quality can be seen. Maybe better and more honest conversations can be held, maybe it becomes more romantic or everyday life simply goes better. But sometimes it can also happen that Judgement recognizes that old feelings for a past relationship are still in play. But even then there is an improvement to be seen, because it is better to become aware of your feelings than to suppress them. Of course this will put the relationship to the test for the time being, but I am sure that in the long run it will be better and the connection will get a new quality.

Judgement In Money And Career

Judgement proclaims that the standstill has come to an end in professional terms. New doors are being opened, it is now up to the person concerned to decide whether to go through. These chances are, like everything in life, limited in time. Therefore it is recommended to recognize and also notice new chances fast. In doing so, it is certainly also necessary to pass one or the other challenge, but if this is accepted and successfully mastered, then The Judgement rewards with an extra chance. In the broadest sense, this tarot card is also associated with the terms fate or fate. Therefore, it is possible that there are certain professional challenges that should simply be recognized as fate. I am sure that it is better to live with aspects that cannot be changed anyway, if they are simply accepted. This way you can concentrate on the things that are in your own decision area.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card Judgement

The world consists of opposites, as the Ying and Yang principle shows us. Judgement has the dark side of self-congratulation. Primitive needs are in focus here, as well as the ability to make everything bad. It does not matter whether one’s own life or that of others is made bad. The energy is wasted negatively. I think, here it is first of all important to turn away from one’s own door and to reflect on the positive aspects. Otherwise it is important to make the best out of everything and to practice acceptance. The rest usually comes naturally and saves energy.

The Judgement In Combination

Judgement And The Fool

Here constraints are indicated. Unfulfilled duties are to be recognized. All in all it is about a lot of passion and a lot of excitement.

Judgement And The Magician

Points to a supervisor, someone who motivates other people to overcome themselves. It is about a kind of drill.

Judgement And The High Priestess

This combination shows a visit to an old place in the world, this place can also be a metaphor for a world view. An attempt to judge the past works conditionally, because a feeling of remorse is spreading.

Judgement And The Empress

This combination represents female sexual energy. Female orgasms are in the foreground here, as well as ecstasy due to effort, drugs or other causes.

Judgement And The Emperor

This combination points to the end of a cycle of growth. Goals and methods are now being changed so that a project or a life theme can come to a conclusion.

Judgement And The Hierophant

An egoistic person does his mischief. Too much heat for a garden. Too much morality, which is no longer good, but rather restricts. There is more than black or white.

Judgement And The Lovers

This is about a love beyond death and respect for a person or the past. A great teacher or a great example serves as an illustration. Preserving a memory of someone is important. Several negative possibilities: desecration of corpses, macabre dementia, vampire hunting and suicide pacts.

Judgement And The Chariot

Meditation and reflection are the focus. Bad for action. Tendency to melancholy can develop into violent moods, therefore it is important to pay attention to a certain balance.

Judgement And Justice

An extroverted person appears. A center of attention is also visible. Someone who is excited; being surrounded by these people makes others bright and happy.

Judgement And The Hermit

Like the magician and the fool, only more headstrong. This is how it is with this combination of cards. Extended adrenaline rush. A tendency to eat and sleep to forget. Enjoying and indulging are the focus.

The Judgement And The Wheel Of Fortune

Means defense as well as an excess of severity and violence. First comes anger, then comes silence. It may well be that there is also no communication.

Judgement And Strength

Refers to an extroverted person.

Also a center of attention. Someone who is excited; being surrounded by these people makes others bright and cheerful.

Judgement And The Hanged Man

The focus is on reputation and celebrity. A person whose talents you know very well, too. Strong public relations work is done.

Judgement And Death

Means peace and fulfilment of life. Sometimes also pain, ulcers or tiredness.

Judgement And Temperance

A time of emotional overload is approaching, in which it seems that the emotions are dying out. Also a time in which objective perception strongly dominates subjective perception can be expected.

Judgement And The Devil

One person rules the world or makes it his own. A situation in which one has seemingly absolute power over something or someone. Even a settlement of debts can be recognized.

Judgement And The Star

Someone who is well attuned to a specific role or task is in focus. Talent is well applied in service.

Judgement And The Moon

Poverty and fatigue are evident here. A time has come when help is needed.

Judgement And The Sun

Here we see a situation in which one person clearly wins and the other clearly loses. Division between rich and poor can be recognized, the same is true for the strong and weak.

Judgement And The World

A person is about to change completely. May signal a need to avoid further divination.

Tarot Card Judgement As Advice

Today a special encounter is on the agenda. The card of Judgement stands for me both for a special encounter and for a way of salvation. I would like to encourage you to prepare yourself for such an encounter and to act positively. Please enjoy your fellow human beings, because a lot of good can be achieved in a team.

In Love

The map of the Judgement shows you today the way of salvation. In love, open questions are clarified and you feel redeemed and good. I ask you to consciously focus on the positive in your relationship. Please enjoy your newly gained security.

At Work

In professional terms, today it comes to a special encounter. This can be a colleague or a new customer. I advise you to see in every person a kind of mirror, which is of a certain meaning for you. Some people reflect you particularly clearly. Please pay attention to such an important encounter today.

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