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People turn to Tarot when they are worried and uncertain about their future. And, yes, Tarot card readings can provide you with answers to your most burning questions:

  • The future of your current relationship
  • The potential of a new relationship
  • Your future career or financial outlook

Tarot readings can help you understand the forces that currently dominate your life. They provide guidance so that we can best utilize the opportunities and move with the flow.

In my readings, I help you take a step back to see where you are on your life path. My readings reveal what choices await you, how your emotions and thoughts affect your reality and finally what you can expect to happen in the future and how you can take action to secure the best outcome.

Tarot Reading via Email – $29

My tarot readings are crafted specifically to your problem. After you submit the description of the problem and your questions, I choose layouts or create new ones to better understand the energies that surround your situation, meditate on your question, and draw the cards.

The reading that I email to you will focus on what you are going through now and how things will likely progress in the future. Tarot is a great tool that can give you insight to your challenges and opportunities and give you very specific advise. The readings point to the next phase of development that you can however change or influence by incorporating Tarot’s guidance.

Sample Readings

After Break-Up: A young woman reached out to me right after breaking up with her boyfriend to find out about her future. She had a feeling they might get back together but wanted to see what was Tarot’s advice. View Tarot Reading…

New Relationship: After recent unhappy relationship ended abruptly, my client started online dating dating again and met someone new. After an exciting beginning, things began to cool off and my client began to feel unsure about the future of this new friendship. She asked if this relationship still had a chance. View Tarot Reading…

About the Tarot Reader

I have been analyzing Tarot cards and providing readings for the last 10 years. My readings both in person and more recently online are meant to provide you with straight forward answers to your questions as well as advice on how best to approach your situation.

I believe in the healing power of Tarot and find its spiritual guidance as most valuable. My tarot readings will put your concerns in a bigger picture of your spiritual progress, while answering your specific questions.

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