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Tarot Cards are the Healers of Souls.

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Tarot Cards Meaning

Insightful and complete description of all tarot cards, as well as their meanings for relationship and advice spreads.

The World Tarot Card and Its Meaning in Every Day Life

So you lay out your tarot cards and find a pearl – The World. What a happy moment! Your life seems brighter just from looking at it (that by the way ...
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4 Tips for Interpreting Tarot Card Readings

It is a well known fact that simply reviewing the description of each card in the spread is not enough to provide a comprehensive reading. Understanding the whole system of ...
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Judgement Tarot Card as Advice

The beautiful Judgement card has a powerful mystical impact on the Tarot reading. It’s almost impossible to draw this card and not feel it’s mystical and religious importance. It depicts ...
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5 Card Tarot Problem Spread Sample Reading

In my previous blog post, I showed you my favorite 5 Card Tarot Problem Spread. Here is a sample reading using the spread: I did this reading for a young woman ...
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5 Card Tarot Problem Spread

I created this simple 5 Card Tarot Problem Spread after trying many problem analysis layouts, from one card to complex readings. Simple and straightforward, it became my favorite option for ...
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How to Feel Tarot Cards – Interpreting Tarot Readings

Whether you are an experienced tarot reader or not, you have most likely memorized keywords and phrases that explain the meanings of various tarot cards. Most of us apply symbolic ...
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