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5 Card Tarot Problem Spread Sample Reading

In my previous blog post, I showed you my favorite 5 Card Tarot Problem Spread. Here is a sample reading using the spread:

I did this reading for a young woman who just came out of a short-term relationship. Her boyfriend was not ready for a commitment and my client had reasons to believe that he could not be trusted. They reconnected 3 weeks after they split up and she wanted to know what to expect from the situation.

5 Tarot Cards Sample Reading.

Card 1 – The issue
Card 2 – Your response/How you are reacting to it
Card 3 – Advice/How you should go about it
Card 4 – The future
Card 5 – Summary

The 5 Card Reading

Card 1

The Swords suit dominates the spread indicating problems in the relationship and my advice to the client was to remain cautious.

Card 2

Page of Wands is the problem card and in this case it refers to my client’s boyfriend. He has an interesting personality and brings fun and excitement to her life. However, Pages show people young at heart and often not willing or able to carry the burden of relationship responsibilities. Page of Wands is a free spirited fellow that likes to do whatever he pleases. He does not take kindly to any restrictions.

Card 3

The Star shows my client’s response to the current events and talks about renewal of hope. Deep down a spark of optimism and faith is lighting up her feelings and thoughts about the budding relationship.

However the remaining cards serve as a warning.

Card 4

The 5 of Swords suggests that she should realize that she is in a “no win situation”. Trying to force a desired outcome will lead to defeat. The best strategy is to have low expectations.

Page of Swords suggests that truthful and fair communication will be at the core of future events. My client will not be able to easily trust her friend. She will have her eyes and ears open to make sure she sees the picture clearly. I often look at the Page of Swords as a card of a spy. He gathers information, checks for clues behind the scenes and uses intellect to decipher confusing sighs.

Card 5

With 10 of Swords in the Summary position, it is quite visible that my client experienced a disappointment in this relationship. Lack of trust remains to be an issue and not without merit as the 5 of Swords in advice position suggests. Overall, high hopes and expectations can result in disappointment. Cautious and leveled approach will serve my client best in the coming weeks.

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