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4 Tips for Interpreting Tarot Card Readings

It is a well known fact that simply reviewing the description of each card in the spread is not enough to provide a comprehensive reading. Understanding the whole system of cards within a spread and how cards relate to each other comes with practice and your own relationship with Tarot. However, here are some pointers that may be helpful to a beginner reader:

1. Look at the spread as a whole

Before you start reviewing the detailed meaning of each card, try to identify the balance between major and minor arcana. When major arcana dominate the spread, you may be certain that something significant is happening in the querent’s life. That could mean some major changes or deep rooted beliefs and perceptions that are hindering their progress. Minor Arcana dominating the spread will simply mean that we are dealing with day-to-day events or struggles that are temporary in nature and not as profound in their influence on the querent’s life.

2. Identify the dominant suits in the spread

Cups will reveal that emotions and personal relationships are the leading issue in the querent’s life. Pentacles will point to more pragmatic concerns such as work and finances. Swords talk about mental struggles and decisions that are or need to be made, whereas Wands will highlight a period of activity and reveal the motivations behind our actions.

3. Group cards together based on their position in the spread

Cards representing the Querent, such as his/her current situation, hopes and fears, attitudes, underling problems should be read together as they will give you a multifaceted look at the believes and perceptions that drive the querent’s decision. Immediate future, outcome, hopes and fears, and similar cards analyzed together will give you a fuller understanding of the direction the querent’s live is taking.

4. Use your intuition but don’t get carried away

Especially when reading for yourself, be weary of your personal bias, which can be easily mistaken for intuition. Many times cards will express our inner most fears, which can be seen by an inexperienced reader as an impending doom. It is important to remember that Tarot is meant to help us by providing spiritual guidance. Search for advice rather than definite answers. The future is never set in stone.

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