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Judgement Tarot Card as Advice

The beautiful Judgement card has a powerful mystical impact on the Tarot reading. It’s almost impossible to draw this card and not feel it’s mystical and religious importance.

It depicts the scene described in Revelation, in which the dead are raising from their graves awaken by the trumpeting Archangel Gabriel. There is a tangible connection to the Divine, with both men and women looking up at the angel, seeing and recognizing his message. The earthly and divine realms meet in a decisive moment of our spiritual path.

In personal Tarot readings, we know it’s a card of a special meaning, yet interpreting how it relates to everyday events poses a challenge. Viewing Judgement Tarot card as advice involves some soul searching.

If we were to summarize the message of the card in one sentence, it would probably be: “Rise from the dead” or “Hear the call and rise from the dead”. But the natural next question that comes to mind is what does that mean. Of course, there are readings when you can intuitively get the message, but even then, looking in deeper can help.

Judgement as Advice – Stop Living in the Past

The people are rising from the dead after hearing Gabriel’s trumpet, which suggests that before they heard the call they were laying listless in their graves. If you get the Judgement card in advice position, this describes you. The tomb symbolizes thoughts and things of the past, things that were but do not serve us any more.

What could that mean in your reading? You view your life through past experiences. You expect the same hurts and struggled in your path that you experienced in former relationships. Or you dwell on things that have long faded away.

Judgement as Advice – Connect with your Higher Self

Above the gray colors of the tombs, we see a dynamic image of Archangel Gabriel blowing a trumpet. The white banner with red cross is a Christian symbol of victory over death. The sound awakens the people who now rise from the graves experiencing resurrection and liberation.

In simple terms, Judgement card’s advice would therefore suggest hearing the call. But how to do it? Where to tune in your spiritual radar?

Symbolically, the meaning of the Judgement card represents the successful attainment of the mystic goal, which is the identification with the Higher Self. Beyond all of our human worries and uncertainties, there is an inner connection to the Divine. Tapping into it will raise you above the everyday struggles. It is the never ending source of hope, love and liberation. It’s knowing that everything is exactly as it should be. It’s letting go of everything that holds us back and allowing the Universe to lead us on.

To be alive is to be able to fully and freely experience life. And yet often, our fears, worries and past mistakes keep us locked in the depths of our inner tomb, away from the true and free way of living. Past hurtful relationships continue to define our love life and negative experiences feed fears and uncertainties of the future. Letting go of the past is the only way to liberate our mind to new experiences. And we can do it by listening to our Higher Self, the inner wisdom.

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