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About Spiritual Tarot

My name is Jolanta and I am a Tarot Reader and a Blogger.

My passion for divination began very early. When I was a child I used playing cards to predict future to family and friends. At that point it was just a game but I often wonder why I preferred it to Monopoly?

I bought my first deck of Tarot cards when I was 14 and thus started my life long journey with Tarot. I read and studied many books and my focus was always on finding the original meaning of the cards, not obscured by various interpretations. But my ability to correctly understand the symbols of Major and Minor Arcana came through many Tarot Readings I did over the years.

Just last year, I set up the Spiritual Tarot website, where I started to compile my knowledge on Tarot, hoping many of you will find it as a resource to learn about Tarot, understand the meaning, and see the spiritual dimension that the symbolism of the cards offer.


Tarot is much more than fortune-telling. It is your guide to achieving material and spiritual success. It is an old friend that wants you to be at your best and yet honest enough to point out how you can get out of your own way to fulfillment. It does not simply state what will be… but how you can influence the future.

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