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5 Card Tarot Problem Spread

I created this simple 5 Card Tarot Problem Spread after trying many problem analysis layouts, from one card to complex readings. Simple and straightforward, it became my favorite option for finding solutions to various issues.

Here is the meaning of each of the 5 Tarot Cards.

Card 1 – The issue
Card 2 – Your response/How you are reacting to it
Card 3 – Advice/How you should go about it
Card 4 – The future
Card 5 – Summary

When to use the 5 Card Tarot Problem Spread

This is a great layout for any situations that make you worried or anxious. I also use this spread for many important issues from major life decisions to relationship questions. It may not be the most in-depth reading you ever did, but I find that it provides a quick and very accurate take on the issue.

Cards Descriptions

Card 1 – The issue

I do not use reversals but this position points to negative aspects of the card and explains the nature of the problem. Sometimes it could be an event, sometimes another person and sometimes our own attitude. In either case, it’s Tarot’s answer to the question: What’s the problem?

Card 2 – Your response/How you are reacting to it

This card shows how you are dealing with this issue, what your thoughts and emotions are about the situation.

Card 3 – Advice/How you should go about it

The advice card will likely address how you should feel/perceive the situation, as your thoughts and emotions will affect your actions. It may also give you additional description of the situation so that you understand the problem fully.

Overall, looking at the first three cards, you can quickly understand what is going on and identify your own role in the issue: how you are reacting to the problem vs. what how you should handle the situation.

Card 4 – The future

The future describes what will be the likely result of the situation. Depending on the question asked, it may not show the final outcome but what you can expect to happen next, given the current circumstances. The advice card is your key to how best manage the next events and arrive at the possible best outcome.

Card 5 – Summary

Finally, the summary helps you look at the cards from a larger perspective. It is not the final outcome, nor it is an advice card. In fact, I tend to look at each of the 4 cards, through the prism of the Summary card. This card tells me if the issue at hand is important, what events, root causes or emotions are influencing the issue.

The final two cards shed a light on where the situation is heading.

In the next blog post I will show you the Sample Reading using the 5 Card Tarot Problem Spread.

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  1. I’m excited to try this spread!! My head is spinning , with well the issue im in need of guidance in. I just can’t seem to get myself to come up with my own spread. Thank you so much for sharing, I believe this is and will be very productive spread. Love and light

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