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3 Tarot Reading Techniques

When it comes to Tarot reading techniques, the sky is the limit. There are no right or wrong ways to consult Tarot. Some of you may lay the cards all at once or draw the cards one by one and interpret them separately. Here are my favorite techniques and reasons when and why I use them:

1. Uncovering all Tarot cards at once

Tarot cards reading proccess.

I use this technique when I read to new clients. There is a simple reason for that. When first visiting a psychic, people avoid explaining too much about their problems because they want to verify if the Tarot Reader is telling the truth. If they talk about the problem in detail, they will be left with a doubt that whatever they heard during the reading was deduced from what they revealed in the first place.

When you do not know anything about a person that seeks Tarot advice, laying out all cards at once can paint a whole picture. Depending on the balance between the Major and Minor Arcana and the Suits, you can quickly determine what the problem is about: career, love life, overwhelming problems and anxiety, etc. Once you know what’s going on now, you can understand more what the cards are saying about the future.

2. Uncovering one Tarot card at a time

I use this technique when I read for myself. The danger of reading for yourself is that you already know all the problems of the client (which is you). When you think you understand the “now”, you tend to jump straight to the future cards. But ignoring all other cards and going straight for the outcome is like opening a new book in the middle or reading it’s last pages. You got some answers but can you be right about your interpretation? Reading one card at the time forces you to contemplate your thoughts and emotions, and hear the entire Tarot’s message.

3. Uncovering groups of Tarot cards

This technique is great for layouts that involve many cards, such as Celtic Cross. I use it for steady clients or people who are familiar with Tarot cards. As they listen to their reading, they eyes scan the cards anxiously looking for The Tower, Death, or some disturbing pictures many of the Sword cards present. To keep the focus on what Tarot Reading is about: providing guidance, I uncover groups of cards, such as the first 4 cards of the Celtic Cross, followed by the first 2 cards of the staff, leaving the future and outcome cards to be read as last.

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    Reaiki healing and Tarot card reading is one of the best way to understand most of important things. It also relax the mind and give all the answer, Thanks for your support and correct information, subscribed your blog.

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