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Queen Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of Queen of Wands Tarot Card?The Queen of Wands stands for a female person who is open and freedom-loving. She is independent and goes her own way as she pleases. She is not in a relationship and if she is, then in one in which there is a lot of freedom. The Queen of Wands is a person with whom one likes to spend time and who is there to help if necessary.

Short Meaning Of The Queen Of Wands

  • Person card woman
  • Openness
  • Independence
  • Independence

The Queen of Wands card is definitely about a female person. This has character traits such as openness and independence. It is important to her to find her place in life and she does not want to have to give up her feminine side. I think this tarot card shows clearly that success and independence do not have to be mutually exclusive with the sensual side. The Queen of Wands shows how to do it and has fun in life.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Queen Of Wands

The tarot card Queen of Wands shows a woman, which means that this card is a personal card. This woman can be in the circle of acquaintances or in the college. But it is also possible that the paths have not yet crossed and that this lady is yet to appear. In some cases it can also happen that the persons presenting the person cards are not people from the surrounding area, but figures from stories, movies or myths. Usually, when drawing this card, the person concerned knows exactly who the person is. I think whoever feels inside knows which strong and independent woman is meant.

Queen Of Wands In Love And Relationship

In terms of relationship, the Queen of Wands represents a woman who has élan and energy like fire. The wands in general symbolize fire and impulsiveness. This lady has her own opinion and knows how to represent it, she also does this within a relationship. Therefore she needs a strong and equal partner who can accept this. The relationship can only work if this lady is treated with respect. The Queen of Wands is also very sensual and attaches great importance to living out this sensuality. Not unwillingly she also gets involved in an interesting adventure.

Queen Of Wands In Money And Career

The Queen of Wands also shows herself to be a strong person at work. In this case she represents a superior who handles her power well and also thinks of the social factor when delegating tasks. It is also possible that the Queen of Wands is her own boss and does not employ any employees. Even then she proves to be a strong and creative personality. She holds on to her dreams and does not give up on them. When this energetic lady realizes that plan A does not work out to pursue her professional goals, she has other alternatives up her sleeve. Anyone who wants to bite through life in an energetic and gallant way can be inspired by this queen, I think.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card Queen Of Wands

If the tarot card Queen of Wands is upside down, it indicates too much energy and more of a man-woman. Egoism and exaggerated pride are in focus here, so that there is no room for sensuality and the feminine sides are out of place in life. I think it is important to restore balance between the masculine and feminine side when the Queen of Wands has been pulled upside down. Each side shows its certain merits and it would be a pity for the great qualities of this queen if she suppressed her feminine side in such a way.

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