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Queen Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of Queen of Swords Tarot Card?The Queen of Swords points to a woman who has special mental abilities. This woman can be of any age and can be already known or still to be known. Not to give this female person the respect she deserves can be paid a high price. The Queen of Swords gives everything she has as a friend. But the same is also true when she becomes an adversary. Her behavior then becomes unpredictable and cannot be foreseen.

Short Meaning Of The Queen Of Swords

  • Independent woman
  • Career
  • Intellect
  • Cool mind
  • Emotionlessness

The Queen of Swords shows a woman standing in fighting position, she is independent and often fights her way through life alone, so she is very independent. This woman lives this independence in her private life as well as in her profession. I am sure that you can learn a lot from her if you know how to handle her. She appreciates equal partners very much, but is more likely not to subordinate herself, but to be found in the role of a leader. Her cool mind can be interpreted by some people as a lack of emotion.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Queen Of Swords

The tarot card Queen of Swords is often found under the zodiac signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. She has many ingenious ideas and is therefore often ambitious to be her own boss. The Queen of Swords is very sociable in her very special way and knows how to entertain a bunch of people. She delegates the appropriate tasks to the people who can best fulfill this task. The card shows a female person in opposing posture. However, this is only taken in self-defense and defense.

Queen Of Swords In Love And Relationship

When the Tarot card Queen of Swords is revealed, there is clearly a woman in play, which does not always make it easy and comfortable for men. Not seldomly this lady is therefore called brittle and in return also very intelligent. Since she attaches great importance to independence, she gets along very well alone and without a man. The Queen of Swords symbolizes a woman with a sharpened mind, which she is able to use purposefully. I think that if she meets an equal partner, she is quite willing to give up the boss role and behave at eye level.

Queen Of Swords In Money And Career

In terms of profession and career, the Queen of Swords points to female tactics in person. Praise is rarely found here, except for outstanding achievements and even then rather sparingly. The Queen of Swords can certainly use words as a weapon with which she can convince her opponent. Since she almost always has a plan, people like to work with her or for her. She is engaged, but is not good cherries with her eat if she feels betrayed or taken advantage of. Then she can use her mind to make life difficult for you. I would recommend to be better on good terms with this lady, then all sides profit professionally from it.

The Meaning Of The Reverse Tarot Card Queen Of Swords

The tarot card Queen of Swords can also be upside down, in which case this indicates a cold-hearted and prudish woman who can be very calculating. And not in a positive sense. In this context, it is not uncommon to speak of the classic ice-cold vamp without feelings. The professional career is here in such a way in the foreground that nothing else in life interests. For the family, circle of acquaintances or even relationship is hardly to no place. With the correct partner it takes itself the time however gladly, this applies also to friends and acquaintance.

Tarot Card Queen Of Swords As Advice

In my opinion, the Queen of Swords stands for a clever woman who is very perceptive. I would like to recommend you to pay attention to such a woman in your environment today. Surely you will have an exciting and enlightening conversation today, which you can either pick up or conduct yourself.

In Love

The Queen of Swords shows you that today you should use your mind especially when it comes to your relationship or love in general. It does not always make sense to rely on feelings alone. Please find the right mixture of heart and acumen today.

At Work

Professionally it can sometimes be very inspiring to have a muse or a role model. The Queen of Swords shows you that you will receive this inspiration today. I advise you to integrate it into your daily work and to use it constructively. Please be curious and creative also in your professional life, because the way is the goal.


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