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Queen Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of Queen Of Pentacles Tarot Card?The Queen of Pentacles symbolizes a faithful woman of good character. If it is about a person, she is not quite young anymore, but rather mature and grown up. If it is about a symbol, which is behind the card Queen of Pentacles, then the card stands for the own sensuality and loyalty to oneself.

Short Meaning Of The Queen Of Pentacles

  • Loyalty
  • Closeness to nature
  • Character
  • Positive
  • Level

The card of the Queen of Pentacles is a compressed representation of a companion, which is faithful to each situation. Only in the case of betrayal and violence she knows no mercy and then loses all understanding. Here it is no longer possible to negotiate with her. I think, because she knows how to set these boundaries so well, she can lead a harmonious and happy life and that in every respect.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Queen Of Pentacles

The tarot card Queen of Pentacles shows a smiling woman with flowers in her hand. The motif of the card clearly shows that it is about a person who is at peace with herself and knows how to enjoy the beautiful things in life. She likes to pass on tips and advice, because she wants to increase the good. The Tarot Card Queen of Pentacles is generally in bright and very friendly colors, which refer to the harmony of this woman. I think, regarding the interpretation it can be about a real lady or about the aspects harmony, joy of life and loyalty. In my opinion, the flowers symbolize an intensive connection to nature, no matter if it is about animals, plants or the elements.

Queen Of Pentacles In Love And Relationship

When the tarot card Queen of Pentacles is revealed, it shows seriousness and intensity in matters of love and relationship. Superficial feelings are not enough here, not even a simple kind of relationship, but high level. The Queen of Pentacles has a lot to offer, so she expects a lot from her partner, so that she can meet him at eye level. However, aspects such as cheating and violence are not tolerated in any way, even if the faithful wife is otherwise very understanding. In terms of family cohesion she gives everything and expects corresponding qualities from a family man. I would like to recommend to use the Queen of Pentacles card as an occasion to get the best out of a relationship, because the available means are given.

Queen Of Pentacles In Money And Career

The tarot card Queen of Pentacles points in professional terms to a boss who is very fair. She is very down-to-earth and likes to give chances to develop professionally. The well-being of her employees is close to her heart and she is also always ready to give useful tips. This is about optimal leadership qualities, and employees are usually very satisfied with this lady. This lady does not necessarily have to be the boss, perhaps also a team leader or in general an important contact person in a company or in a corresponding institution. She not only gives tips and helps in professional matters. It is also quite possible to confide in her personally.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card Queen Of Pentacles

Also the Queen of Pentacles can appear on the head. This then stands for a fury, a figure which is never satisfied and which cannot be pleased in any way. The mean stepmother is the classic example of the upside-down Queen of Pentacles. When this card appears, you don’t even have to try to bend and bend to please another person, because this attempt would be unsuccessful anyway. I think in this situation it is best to do your best for yourself, because perfection is utopian in any case.

Tarot Card Queen Of Pentacles As Advice

For me, the card of the Queen of Pentacles stands for a particularly down-to-earth woman. She will play an important role in your environment especially today. I would like to advise you to look out for such a lady, maybe you will get a tip or inspiration.

In Love

Freshly fallen in love seem to float and that all day long. The Queen of Pentacles stands for a down-to-earth woman, which means that you can find this aspect of femininity in yourself and use it for yourself and your relationship or in love in general. Please stay objective and understanding today.

At Work

Despite big dreams and longings it is sometimes important to stay on the ground. The Queen of Pentacles shows you that today is such a day. True to the motto, better a bird in the hand than a dove on the roof, you can judge your professional situation today.

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