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Queen Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of Queen Of Cups Tarot Card?In the foreground, the Queen of Cups is about a healer, a woman with a great empathic disposition. The card also takes up aspects such as understanding and media and artistic vocation. In my opinion, the Queen of Cups is a sensitive lady who conveys many positive things on a subtle level.

Short Meaning Of The Tarot Card Queen Of Cups

In summary, the basic statements of the tarot card can be listed as follows:

  • A penchant for beauty
  • A woman who is empathic
  • Media and artistic activities
  • Understanding
  • Remedies

As far as remedies are concerned, I believe that it is about healing for body and mind. The Queen of Cups sees the human being as a unity of body and mind and therefore treats both levels because they are interdependent. I recommend that you also discover and live out your healer within yourself. The same applies to the aspects of medial and artistic activities, because the card indicates that it is about creative expression and healing elements. The card shows the way to the beautiful and meaningful, as I find.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Queen Of Cups

The Queen of Cups does not always need many words, since she has mastered the gift of thought transmission. The well-being of all beings is very close to her heart, therefore she uses her remedies consciously and purposefully, with everyone who needs her help. The card also symbolizes her own character traits, which are inherent in the human being. The tendency to beauty and aesthetics is in the foreground here.

Queen Of Cups In Love And Relationship

Since the Queen of Cups is a very understanding woman, love is about understanding the facets of your counterpart. This empathic woman does not always represent a friend or wife in a relationship, but sometimes also a matchmaker who helps with problems. Otherwise, the card symbolizes a faithful caring wife, who takes care of marriage and family in an exemplary manner. She tenderly cares for and protects her loved ones and leaves them wanting for nothing. She has the right remedy for every ailment at hand. In my opinion, this applies not only to physical ailments but also to spiritual ones, so that the Queen of Cups always chooses healing words to bring about good. The inclination to aesthetics determines her relationship and view of the world and her surroundings.

Queen Of Cups In Money And Career

The tarot card Queen of Cups hints at artistic and media aspects. In my opinion, this means that these aspects are of great importance when choosing a profession. It can also be about professions and activities which are connected with healing and recovery. All in all, this card symbolizes a woman with great understanding and empathy, she can put herself wonderfully into people’s minds and therefore knows what they want and what they are afraid of. She can alleviate these fears and support them with her caring nature. Clairvoyance is also a topic; I think it is therefore primarily about intuition and signs. To discover the feminine within oneself can be a fulfilling and meaningful task.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card Queen Of Cups

Everything in life has its downside, including the card of the Queen of Cups. The counterpart represents betrayal and taking advantage of other people’s misery. In this case, caution is called for, I think, at the very least, one should take a closer look at the situation to which the cards are laid. These negative aspects do not always happen from a sharpened consciousness and negative experiences are part of life. All in all, the card of the Queen of Cups is about a woman acting altruistically, the counterpart points to calculation and egoism.

Tarot Card Queen Of Cups As Advice

In my opinion, the Queen of Cups embodies a sensitive woman. Maybe a person from the family or from professional life. Today is a particularly suitable day to have valuable and profound conversations. I advise you to listen carefully and build on a good tip that you will receive today.

In Love

In love there is sometimes nothing more beautiful than to let your feelings run free. I would therefore like to recommend you to show yourself from your emotional side today and thus bring romance into your relationship. Please expect a positive feedback.

At Work

The Queen of Cups tells you that today you should act intuitively rather than according to your mind. If it’s about a certain activity in your profession, you can trust your feelings and your construction feeling today. Please listen inside yourself and approach your professional projects intuitively today.


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