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Page Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of Page of Swords Tarot Card?The Page of Swords stands for a clarifying discussion. This clarification is good for each side and prevents major disagreements. It is not always about an open discussion, but rather about inconsistencies which are not openly expressed. The Page of Swords stands for putting the cards on the table.

Short Meaning Of The Page Of Swords

  • Dispute
  • Discussion
  • Immature
  • Childlike behavior
  • Incapability of criticism
  • Curiosity

The Tarot card Page of Swords shows a boxer who is ready to fight. Often the boy likes to fight just for the sake of the fight and he behaves the same way in discussions. It is not about finding a solution to come to a common denominator, but it is solely about winning and getting justice. Before it comes to gruelling disputes here, I would rather practice calm and forbearance according to the motto: The cleverer gives way. The boy will still mature and has to make his experiences first and push off a few rough edges.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Page Of Swords

The Tarot card Page of Swords symbolizes the youngest man in the row of swords, which means he is still immature and on the way to maturity. The sword stands for the clear sharp mind and a Page has yet to develop this mature mind. The Page of Swords is in a phase of life in which he is still learning and practicing, he sees himself as an adult and experienced contemporary. I recommend to be a bit lenient with the boy, but this leniency has its limits.

Page Of Swords In Love And Relationship

If the card Page of Swords is revealed, this points to discussions of principle in relation to relationship and love. Those discussions in which not much gets around, except that two people want to make their opinions known to each other. Not infrequently, hurtful words are also involved. The Page of Swords does not yet possess the art of choosing the right words and this can quickly lead to bad mood. I would advise diplomacy here, because words have a lot of power, both positive and negative. Here the Page resembles a small child trying to get his head through the wall. If he doesn’t get his way, he starts to sulk and become defiant.

Page Of Swords In Money And Career

As far as the profession is concerned, the Page of Swords points out criticisms. These are not tolerated and this can damage the working life rather than helping to find a solution. I think it sometimes makes more sense to think your part, because otherwise it would be a waste of energy to try to make the other person understand your opinion. This is especially true when it comes to the Page of Swords, because he often doesn’t let any opinion other than his own count. On the contrary, he feels right and is rarely open for discussion. For the sake of harmony, it is sometimes better to let a matter rest after a fruitless discussion has taken place.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card Page Of Swords

If the tarot card Page of Swords is upside down, it can stand for lies and irony. Sometimes it is also a matter of a spitefulness, which is childish, but therefore no less hurtful. In truth, the focus is on a certain insecurity in dealing with people and the Page of Swords tries to compensate for this insecurity. I think there are more effective and positive ways to work on his relationship with other people. In some cases the Page of Swords takes a role model and gets inspired accordingly.

Tarot Card Page Of Swords As Advice

For me the Page of Swords fights with inner conflicts. It is quite possible that you find yourself in this card. I would now recommend that you face these conflicts courageously and boldly and stop fighting them. Decide for the love and the light.

In Love

The Page of Swords symbolizes a time in which conflicts are pending or can be expected. I therefore advise you to arm yourself and to react calmly and deliberately to these conflicts in love. Please gather your strength and use it profitably and positively.

At Work

Professional life often presents difficult demands and challenges. The Page of Swords shows you that it is possible to fight for good and progress and to hold on to your ideals. My advice to you now is to stand up for your ideals, especially today, in order to do something good for you and your colleagues.


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