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Page Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of Page Of Pentacles Tarot Card?The Page of Pentacles stands for a practical offer. Here it can be a good tip or a human added value. Whether it is a money-making tip or a plus in humanity, the Page of Pentacles symbolizes a gain in life.

Short Meaning Of The Page Of Pentacles

  • Offer
  • Opportunity
  • Tip
  • Added value
  • Career
  • Fascination

The Page of Pentacles throws two dice or gems into the air on the tarot card. You can only see the hand, but this points to great offers, tips and chances. Now I would recommend to take these chances as fast and as good as possible, even if this means that extra work would have to be invested for this purpose. These investments are worthwhile here, just like in a lottery game, where you are sure to win. I am thinking here above all of the saying: He who does not dare does not win. But with this card, there is not much to dare to accept a tip.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Page Of Pentacles

The Tarot card Page of Pentacles shows a hand that throws two gems in the air. In my opinion, this can stand for gambling that is going well or for something valuable in general. Nevertheless, a certain lightness can be seen here, because the wealth is not clasped tightly, but rather handled playfully. Coins always stand for earth and matter. Periods of happiness come and go and the Page Page of Pentacles obviously stands for a period of happiness. In my opinion, the card also contains the hint of a gift, no matter if it is taken or given.

Page Of Pentacles In Love And Relationship

If the Page of Pentacles shows up, then a great fascination can be seen in a relationship. Especially when the partners have got to know each other anew. But this fascination is much more than just a flash in the pan, namely a basis for an intensive partnership. The fascination is still there even after years, even if it is sporadic. If it is about a relationship which seems to be coming to an end, it is quite possible that one of the partners now gives his enthusiasm to another person. I recommend never to take your partner for granted, because it is easy to find something new fascinating, but to look for the unknown in the known is an art in itself.

Page Of Pentacles In Money And Career

Regarding occupation and career the Page of Pentacles refers to a gut feeling, which can really pay off. So that the fulfilment can be found in the job, it is also always important to go into this gut feeling and to use this as a signpost in the direction of career. This can be a lucrative offer or a new surge of inspiration and creativity. This momentum can lead to a number of interesting orders and offers. Coins in general always promise something good, this is also true in a professional sense. It does not always have to be something material, but can also be a tip on how certain jobs can be done easily or how more money can be earned for the same amount of work.

The Meaning Of The Reverse Tarot Card Page Of Pentacles

If the Page of Pentacles is on his head, this indicates malicious deception. Perhaps it is also dubious business or skepticism, which is simply not appropriate, but can put an enormous strain on an existing employment relationship. It can also be a matter of mishandling money or bad speculation. If the Page of Pentacles is upside down, I recommend absolute caution. In this way, more serious potential difficulties can be recognized in advance and therefore successfully avoided. It is not only possible to speculate at work, but also in love.

Tarot Card Page Of Pentacles As Advice

Sometimes in life it is especially refreshing to receive new impulses, I find. The Page of Pentacles stands for such new impulses. I recommend you to use these impulses especially today and to integrate them creatively into your life. Please have fun with new projects.

In Love

The Page of Pentacles shows you today how you can bring a breath of fresh air into your relationship. I advise you to do something new with your partner today or to make an interesting plan. Please be open-minded and willing to compromise. Maybe you will enjoy those things that you would not have expected.

At Work

The daily grind does not stop at work. This is completely normal, but especially today the Page of Pentacles gives you new impulses, so that you can approach your work with new élan and creativity. Please rely on your impulses and trust your instincts.


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