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Knight Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of Knight of Wands Tarot Card?The Knight of Wands symbolizes the desire for experiences. This is not about awakening latent needs, because these come from within. The tarot card indicates a move or an adventure that is sought outside of a marriage or relationship. The Knight of Wands has the desire to experience something so that he can feel alive.

Short Meaning Of The Knights Of Wands

  • Experience addiction
  • Adventure
  • Longing
  • Energy
  • Unpredictable behavior

The tarot card Knight of Wands stands above all for the desire for experiences of any kind. The knight needs these experiences to feel alive and satisfied. Even if he is not a conventional journeyman, he can bring a fresh breeze into his own life. I think, regarding the desire for experiences, it is important to make sure that no other people get hurt.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Knight Of Wands

The Tarot card Knight of Wands shows a knight in a bent posture holding his sword by the hilt, the tip of the sword pointing down. This position signals humility and submission. Like a knightly accolade, the Knight of Wands is now ready to belong to a greater whole. But he is only subservient to life, at best to an opponent who rides through life as fearlessly as he does. The knight prefers risk, he also likes to play with fire.

Knight Of Wands In Love And Relationship

Since the Knight of Wands is quite impulsive and passionate, he has difficulty in establishing a long-term and serious relationship. This does not fit into his concept of life, so he usually has rather short love affairs, but very intense. If the Knight of Wands is nevertheless in a longer relationship, he usually needs a lot of action to avoid the idea of looking for new passion outside the relationship. I could imagine that this knight is very invigorating and if you know how to take him, you can certainly have a lot of fun with him. At least for a time and under certain conditions. Attempts to change the Knight of Wands will bring something in the rare cases. With the years he can sometimes become a little more calm and down-to-earth.

Knight Of Wands In Money And Career

If the tarot card Knight of Wands reveals itself, then this indicates a high degree of willingness to take risks in professional terms. The knight therefore prefers the branch which gives him a wide spectrum, both in terms of the field of activity and the earning potential. Sometimes these knights of fortune are represented for example at the stock exchange, in the selling or in the real estate industry. They like to play poker high and are also prepared to lose big. Important to the Knight of Wands is the kick, and not only in private. In the long run he does not get along with the conventional professional everyday life in such a way, therefore he looks for his area of responsibility in appropriate industries, which offer the up and down, which he needs. I could imagine that this will be quite exhausting in the long run and at the latest, when family is involved, the knight will also become a bit calmer.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card Knight Of Wands

When the tarot card Knight of Wands is upside down, it stands for the desire to fight and cheat. Regardless of losses, people here run their heads through the wall. Late consequences and consequences are not considered here and are not considered. I consider the upside-down Knight of Wands a warning that should not be underestimated, because once certain mistakes have been made, they are irreversible, especially when deeply hurt feelings are involved.

Tarot Card Knight Of Wands As Advice

For me, the Knight of Wands is a card that promises a joyful time. I would like to recommend you to enjoy your day intensively and to use your senses consciously. Please feel, see and hear very consciously today.

In Love

In your relationship, you can look forward to an enjoyable evening today. I advise you to enjoy your togetherness with all your senses, such hours are very valuable for love and very enriching. Please use your senses with care and for love. Create a beautiful ambience, which creates a comfortable mood.

At Work

Today you pursue your professional tasks with verve. The Knight of Wands is a special incentive for you to be active and creative and you dedicate yourself to your work with zeal and passion. I would like to ask you to live out this creative urge with enjoyment. Please enjoy the diversity in your profession and you infect others with your enthusiasm.

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