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Knight Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of Knight of Swords Tarot Card?The Knight of Swords indicates a hypothermic relationship. Usually it is about disputes which are not so easy to settle. These disputes arise from the impulse. The tarot card Knight of Swords symbolizes anger and rage. It is important to be careful that there are no consequences that cannot be made good.

Short Meaning Of The Knight Of Swords

  • Anger
  • Dispute
  • Impulse
  • Aggressions

The Knight of Swords promises a charged atmosphere, which in a positive case ends with a conventional dispute. Not infrequently, however, extreme disputes occur here, which can also cause lasting damage. This applies to a romantic relationship just as much as to friendships or in business. If you do not want to be drawn into useless impulsive energies, you can leave such a situation and give in. According to the motto that the cleverer one just gives in, I would recommend to take the edge off such an aggressive mood instead of insisting on being right and winning.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Knight Of Swords

The tarot card Knight of Swords refers to hurtful discussions. The words can be as sharp as the swords, which generally stand for sharpness. Fisticuffs are not excluded in this context. I recommend here to take distance from this delicate situation until the emotions are under control again. The Knight of Swords stands for the stormy aspect of the elements swords, therefore he often reacts out of affect. Even if the sword additionally stands for the intellect, the impulse takes over here. According to the motto that the stronger one wins, emerging aggressions are not suppressed here, but are lived out without a filter.

Knight Of Swords In Love And Relationship

If the tarot card Knight of Swords is in focus, then you have to be careful with the relationship. The knight knows no mercy when it comes to revealing his feelings and giving free rein to his current mood. You can be afraid if you are not so impulsive yourself. I think that in most cases, however, calm will return quite quickly if no more oil is poured into the fire. To be right does not always mean to be right, so sometimes it makes more sense to give preference to peace. Especially at the beginning of a relationship, misunderstandings can quickly arise which can damage the relationship. If the relationship already exists for a longer time, the Knight of Swords sometimes points to a separation, which always represents a new beginning.

Knight Of Swords In Money And Career

In professional terms, the Knight of Swords promises a lot of hard work and effort to prove himself on the job. This is especially the case when this job has not been done for a long time. The mood is not really positive, there are already many dominant alpha-animals who fear for their position and defend it with all possible means. This makes it particularly difficult for the affected person to gain a foothold professionally, let alone to develop. I could imagine, with this Tarot card it can’t hurt to look for another job without any obligation.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card Knight Of Swords

If the tarot card Knight of Swords is upside down, it is not seldom about bad arguments up to real acts of violence. False assessments are also common, so that it can be very difficult to understand the context of a situation at first. I recommend to bring the emotions under control in such a case and to rely on clear facts. In a job-related situation, these can be more than just impulsive statements that quickly break the boundaries of objectivity.

Tarot Card Knight Of Swords As Advice

Today you may well expect a cooler mood. The Knight of Swords stands for a supercooled atmosphere, which is of course not pleasant. But I would like to ask you not to take this mood personally and not to let it get too close to you.

In Love

Even in love there is not always vain sunshine. Today a cool wind can blow between you and your partner. I advise you not to take this too seriously and to try to keep the focus on the positive between you. Just a few warm and hearty words can break the ice again.

At Work

The Knight of Swords embodies a cool being. The mood at work today is not so pleasant, but rather a bit undercooled. I ask you not to make anything out of it, according to the motto: After rain comes sunshine again. Please stay positive and confident.

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