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King Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of King of Wands Tarot Card?The King of Wands represents the last tarot card of the wands. All positive aspects are united here, because it is about a sovereign man, who is authoritative and dynamic. This man has positive qualities like honesty and friendly appearance. Here it can be about a person from the circle of acquaintances, or about a man, who is not yet more near known.

Short Meaning Of The King Of Wands

  • Dynamics
  • élan
  • Authority
  • Justice
  • Man

The tarot card King of Wands shows a man who has nothing in his hands and just pretends to be what he is. In a nutshell, this stands for an authoritarian man who knows what he wants and can assert himself. However, he usually does this with a certain charm and a friendly demeanor, so that he is gladly seen as a leader.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card King Of Wands

The tarot card King of Wands shows a man as a motif, who represents nothing more than himself. This means that this man is authentic and yet radiates charisma. Important to him are above all the inner values such as morality, justice and social commitment. With mild severity the king tries to rule, that means to put these ideals into practice. The King of Wands can also become extremely energetic, but in doing so, he is always concerned with implementing the positive aspects of life.

King Of Wands In Love And Relationship

If the tarot card King of Wands is drawn, it stands for a man who takes over the leadership and care of the family. The King of Wands is also a loyal and loving partner, so that the relationship between two partners does not fall by the wayside in favor of the family. I think this card clearly shows that responsibility in everyday life and passion in the relationship do not have to be mutually exclusive, on the contrary. They can be wonderfully conditional and complementary. This king consciously renounces a Pokerface and shows up exactly as he is, with all corners and edges. That makes dealing with him so pleasant, if you know how to take him.

King Of Wands In Money And Career

In professional terms, the King of Wands points to a superior who has a great sense of justice. For him, solidarity and teamwork are at the forefront. On the one hand, because he knows that the work is done more effectively in this way and on the other hand, because a good working atmosphere is very important to him. The King of Wands symbolizes such a nice and fair working environment that employees usually stay here for a long time or at least keep this boss in pleasant memory for a long time. Anyone who has personal problems can also turn to this boss, because he has a lot of understanding for the whole spectrum of life. Therefore he often maintains a friendly relationship with his employees.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card King Of Wands

If the King of Wands Tarot card is upside down, it points to a person who is showing off and boasting. It is about more appearance than being, about a ruthless fanatic. Whoever has drawn this tarot card upside down is best to be attentive and skeptical in the near future. Of course it can also be that it is about the questioner himself or about single aspects. I think it is not always so easy to want to recognize your own weaknesses and to be self-critical accordingly. But with the help of the Tarot cards this is easily possible and we can work on ourselves and lead a more satisfied life. In doing so, we can be inspired by the motives and meanings and let our imagination run free.

Tarot Card King Of Wands As Advice

The King of Wands stands for a dynamic man. I recommend that you give such a man your special attention especially today. This encounter gives you something on a level that is important for you. Please be open for new encounters and appreciate your own dynamics.

In Love

Not infrequently, love and relationships are about energy and power games. I ask you to pay attention to this dynamic today and to give up all games for once. Even if you think you are losing control, you will get it back in the true sense of the word, because nothing is more disarming today than honesty.

At Work

The King of Wands points to a dynamic man who can certainly present himself as a patron or sponsor in a professional sense. You can expect such a positive influence today and approach your work constructively and with zeal. Your environment appreciates you and your work very much.

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