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King Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of King of Swords Tarot Card?The King of Swords stands for pure intellect. He considers above all the rational side of a matter. It can be a lawyer or a person of the authorities. Also a person who listens mainly to his intellect can be meant here. The tarot card of the King of Swords can also indicate that the mind should be sharpened to get a more comprehensive view of the context.

Short Meaning Of The King Of Swords

  • Intellect
  • Expertise
  • Rational thinking
  • Logic
  • Eloquence

The tarot card King of Swords symbolizes the aspect of logical expertise like hardly any other card. Here emotions and feelings are pushed into the background. This may seem unusual, if not intimidating, for people who are rather impulsive and emotional, but underneath the façade there is certainly also a not to be underestimated amount of emotions, I think. The world of swords generally represents the world of mind and intellect, which can be used for various purposes.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card King Of Swords

If the tarot card of the King of Swords is revealed, the purely rational is in the foreground. Swords in general stand for the razor-sharp mind, feelings and emotions tend to fade into the background. The figure on the card symbolizes a person ready to fight, who has verbal weapons at his disposal. She knows how to use them very cleverly and can manipulate her surroundings subtly under certain circumstances. I recommend a healthy mixture of pure expertise and emotions, depending on the situation and context.

King Of Swords In Love And Relationship

When it comes to the relationship, not much romance can be expected at the beginning. This is especially true when the relationship is still fresh. Tactics and analysis are initially the focus here, even if there is a great attraction. The King of Swords cannot show his feelings well, because his world is the world of expertise. If the relationship has existed for some time, the distrust may have subsided somewhat. I recommend the respective partners to show patience and confidence here. No expressions of feelings can be elicited through coercion. The King of Swords can control his own feelings and in case of a separation, caution is usually required. This applies especially in connection with distrust, I believe.

King Of Swords In Money And Career

The tarot card King of Swords shows a person who is in armed position. In professional terms, this means that this is a specialist who has a thorough command of his field. He is recognized and is appreciated and respected. People who are under the aspect of King of Swords are often to be found in management levels and executive offices, as they have no problem delegating. As far as professional achievements are concerned, he is an ace, but he has difficulty with social contacts or simply does not feel like making friends with colleagues or employees. This is a warning against burnout and overload. I think an effective work-life balance can’t hurt this candidate in particular, because if the power reserves are tapped for too long, the batteries will run out at some point.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card King Of Swords

If the King of Swords stands on his head, he is an ice-cold tactician who has a weakness for irony and argument. It is also often said that he is an unfeeling sadist. The point here is to exercise caution and to distance oneself at first. I think that this way an overall situation can be interpreted more and more clearly, otherwise the questioner will not see the wood for the trees, as they say. Individual aspects of this upside-down map can also occur in the questioner himself, though perhaps in a weakened form and unconsciously.

Tarot Card King Of Swords As A Day Card

Sometimes there is nothing better in life than getting a smart tip, in my opinion. The King of Swords stands for a smart man, so it is quite possible to get such a tip today. Please take a good tip and try to put it into practice.

In Love

Maybe you don’t know what to do about your relationship or love in general. Then you can look forward to a sign today. I would like to ask you now to go through life attentively and pay attention to signs. These can come from a wise man. Please do not underestimate the power of symbolism today.

At Work

The King of Swords shows you a good tip today. As far as your profession is concerned, today is the best time to seek help when you need it. I would like to advise you not to shy away from this and to gratefully accept good tips from a clever person.

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