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King Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of King Of Cups Tarot Card?The King of Cups stands for feeling and everything that has to do with feeling and sensitivity. The card also focuses on the different aspects of empathy and intuition. All in all, this is about a very sensitive person. This person can be a man, but also a woman with typically male characteristics.

Short Meaning King Of Cups

  • Maturity
  • Sensitive man
  • Intuition
  • Magic and mysticism
  • Care and nursing

I am of the opinion that the King of Cups represents a particularly sensitive man. He has many feminine sides, but in no way does he lose his masculinity. In my opinion, the map illustrates how important it is for men to appreciate the female part of themselves. The same applies to women, who should also respect their masculine qualities such as courage, bravery and the like and put them into practice in life. This ultimately leads to a more fulfilled life and ensures satisfaction and exhausted potential. The bottom line is to live holistically and to show this to the outside world.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card King Of Cups

The King of Cups card symbolizes a person and their inner worlds. These inner worlds can be much more complex than the so-called real world. Furthermore, the goblets in Tarot generally always stand for emotional worlds, the predominant element here is water, which is assigned to the feelings. Also emotions belong to this category. The King of Cups, however, is not mainly guided by his feelings, because he has learned to cultivate them and to harmonize them with his mind.

King Of Cups In Love And Relationship

When it comes to love, the King of Cups has a lot to say. Although he is a sensitive man, he also knows how to express his views and feelings in a way that does not hurt anyone. He knows that emotions are not always a good thing, especially if you just let them run free. He knows that sometimes it is better to let a certain amount of time pass so that emotions can settle down again. This is also and especially true in love matters, because it is precisely here that emotions and feelings usually boil over. True to the motto “Where there is much light, there is also much shadow”, lovers can be so disappointed in each other that they do not part as friends when they separate. I think everyone knows this from their circle of acquaintances or perhaps from their own experience. Hardly any other tarot card combines feelings with reason like the King of Cups.

King Of Cups In Money And Career

In professional terms, the King of Cups can be described as a man who has a great deal of understanding for other people and who also shows this outwardly. No matter what the problem is, the King of Cups always has an open ear and good advice at hand. Not infrequently, this gentleman is also found in social professions and uses his gift for social fringe groups. Since he also uses his intellect in this process, he often places value on further education and training courses and all this for the benefit of the community.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card King Of Cups

Also with this card a shadow side is to be recognized. This indicates that the King of Cups tends to do nothing and leads a more spiritual life. Certainly he still has positive and social thoughts, but these are of little use if he does not put them into practice. It may be that he only pretends to his environment that he is working for the good of the community, but in reality he is thinking primarily of his own well-being.

Tarot Card King Of Cups As Advice

The King of Cups symbolizes a sensitive man. Maybe it is the man in the subway, a neighbor, a family member or the like. Now I ask you to pay attention to signs from your environment and you will notice how good things come to you. Just a few kind words can cheer up your mood considerably.

In Love

Sometimes it is time to take a stand and show feelings. This will happen to you today. I recommend that you also listen to the soft undertones, because nice gestures can do just as much good as nice words. Please be attentive and open yourself to your partner.

At Work

At work, it is sometimes very beneficial when support is offered. I think the King of Cups stands for a sensitive man who supports you in your work. I advise you to value this help and to remember that life is a give and take.

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