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Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Image

What is the meaning of the Ace of Cups Tarot Card?Out of a serene sky, a hand appears holding a chalice overflowing with water, a symbol of emotions and intuition. The dove, communion bread, and the lotus flowers symbolize peace, spirituality and enlightenment. The card is filled with symbols that signify emotions, love, spiritual connection and sharing.


Emotions, intuition, communion, peace, spirituality, love, psychic connection, enlightenment.

The Meaning of the Ace of Cups

When the card Ace of Cups appears in your spread, you will be presented with an opportunity to achieve emotional fulfillment and joy. Cups are ruled by the alchemical element, Water, which represents emotions and intuition, while Aces symbolize the initial manifestation of these qualities. Together they signify a connection with the divine source of love that you can draw from and channel into creating the type of emotional fulfillment that you seek. The chalice of love is overflowing; all you have to do is reach out to tap into its source.

In everyday life, Ace of Cups may quite literally foretell a new love relationship entering your life. Unlike other unfulfilling relationships that you may have experienced in the past, this one carries a potential of a true emotional connection. This new attraction will appear quite suddenly and bring an abundance of possibilities. The budding feelings are still in their purest form. How they will develop is very much in your own hands.

Often Ace of Cups will signify a surge of feelings of love that will fill your being. It could be that you suddenly realize the depth of your emotions towards another person and the connection you share.

Although Ace of Cups is mostly associated with new love, it may also depict deep and meaningful friendships that bring a sense of understanding and connection. The dove depicted on the card carries a communion bread, a symbol of spiritual sharing. Whatever the nature of the relationship, it will fill you with deep emotions of joy, abundance, hope and peace.

Ace of Cups as Advice Card

When Ace of Cups appears in the advice position, look carefully at the card. The imagery delivers a very explicit message: “Here is the gift from the Divine, open your arms and receive it”. This advice will be especially important when you are doubtful or afraid to embrace your feelings. The card will urge you to trust the universe and open up to the love and connection that is being offered to you.

As the card of beginnings, the Ace of Cups also asks you to have hope. You may not yet see the manifestation of your desires, but the opportunities are being created right now.

Finally, the Ace of Cups symbolizes a psychic connection with our higher selves. The card will ask you to reach within, recognize, acknowledge and follow your feelings — they serve as an inner compass to your true potential and happiness.

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