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9 Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of IX of Wands Tarot Card?The Nine of Wands indicate a dark feeling that could stand for a threat. But the threat, if at all, comes from the person concerned. In this case, it does not help to calm down, because too much loneliness can only intensify this unpleasant feeling. This card promises to make contact with people and be part of society.

Short Meaning Of The Nine Of Wands

  • Threat
  • foreclosure
  • Fears
  • Blockades
  • Isolation
  • Loneliness

The Nine of Rods does not show any real problems on the surface, but a sick soul is not to be underestimated either. This is mainly about fear, loneliness and blockages. Even if these aspects are not visible at first sight, they still represent a danger to the spiritual well-being. Those affected must learn that they can only help and free themselves, but friends or confidants can help them to help themselves. I am quite sure, where a will, there a way.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Nine Of Wands

The tarot card Nine of Wands shows a figure that stands apart and is delimited. Almost this demarcated area seems to be a kind of witness stand, but it is the person himself to whom he has to testify. The Nine of Wands shows that there is no prosecutor and no judge. The only one who is hard on himself is the person concerned. I am sure that in drawing this card it is important to tear down your own boundaries from the outside world to a certain extent. Dealing with other people gives security and even old wounds should not stop you from wanting to make new contacts.

Nine Of Wands In Love And Relationship

The Nine of Wands is strongly influenced by the past and its strokes of fate. In the relationship this is shown in the form that it is expected that the hardships of the past will come back and that there can be no happiness. The Nine of Wands shows a clear defensive attitude, also towards potential partners. I think such an attitude can be healing and meaningful for a certain period of time, but after a while then it is certainly time for a new beginning. Happiness can be expected, because the Nine of Wands stands for a real chance to be satisfied in life again. However, this presupposes that this happiness is worked on.

Nine Of Wands In Money And Career

If the Nine of Wands shows up in vocational regard, this shows also here a clear defense attitude of the concerning. No matter what the circumstances are, everything is done badly and seen negatively. In this way it is difficult to strive for improvements or developments. Opportunities are not seen at all and mostly they pass by unused. Real problems are not to be recognized with the Tarot Card Nine of Wands, it goes above all and the internal blockade and inveterate fears. Here the turn can only come from within. Regarding the fears meditation helps. Otherwise, working on a healthy self-confidence can also have an effect and the energies start to flow again. This then also has a positive effect on your professional life.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card Nine Of Wands

The shadow side of a tarot card indicates the extremes. The Nine of Wands already stands for obduracy and perceived threat, but if this card is upside down, it is especially difficult to find a way out of this attitude. It is not uncommon to seek help from a therapist, because the person affected cannot see the forest for the trees. Friends and family members can also help if they approach the matter with empathy and patience. In this way, fears and blockages can be gradually released.

Tarot Card Nine Of Wands As Advice

Today it is especially important for you to be alert. In my opinion, the card Nine of Wands stands for vigilance above all else. I would like to put it on your heart to look around you today in all directions so that nothing escapes your attention. Curiosity can be very beneficial.

In Love

Vigilance pays off in every respect. I would like to advise you, especially today, not to take your relationship for granted and always recognize the value of love. Then you can lead a satisfied relationship or you can effectively start searching as a single. Please prick up your ears and sharpen your eyes

At Work

At work, there are always new challenges and tasks that have to be mastered. The Nine of Wands show you how important it is to be alert today so that you are up to date in your career. Then you will not only do your job well, but with heart and soul. That way every job becomes a meaningful activity.

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