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9 Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of IX Of Cups Tarot Card?The Tarot card Nine of Cups embodies the pleasure in any form. Furthermore, the card contains elements such as success, fun and self-realization. The Nine of Cups symbolizes a person who has successfully mastered his life so far and can now reap many fruits of his work. This person is healthy and vital and professionally it runs also very well. To enjoy his success and life is an art in itself, in my opinion.

Short Meaning Of The Tarot Card Nine Of Cups

In summary, the basic statements of the tarot card can be listed as follows:

  • Enjoyment
  • Success
  • Common interests
  • Motivation, Inspiration
  • Maturity, good gifts
  • Successful person

I find the card of the Nine of Cups picks up the motto: First business, then pleasure. The wine in the goblets on the card is also the result of good work that took its time. Afterwards, it can be enjoyed with the best of my knowledge and conscience.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Nine Of Cups

On card 9 of the goblets, a woman can be seen stretching or dancing towards the sun. For me this indicates that this woman enjoys life and finds the situation pleasant. Because this card means joy of life and enjoyment, but also indicates the motivation to perceive life intensively.

Nine Of Cups In Love And Relationship

When it comes to love and relationships, the Nine of Cups is a directional card, because here the presence of another person is very much enjoyed. I believe this is the basis of every good relationship. When it comes to an existing relationship, the Nine of Cups indicates a variety of common interests that connect. The card symbolizes two people who like to have a good time in life and who are already doing something about it. Separations are less common here, but if a separation cannot be avoided, the Nine of Cups indicate a friendship that will continue. Sometimes a pregnancy is also indicated, which is surely due to the fact that the figure on the tarot card has a corresponding corpulence. All in all it is about a maturing process, so that the relationship is in development.

Nine Of Cups In Money And Career

Since the tarot card Nine of Cups indicate development and enjoyment, the signs for professional development are also excellent. Further training and promotion are not uncommon in this context, so that the profession is a real pleasure. The colleagues work together instead of against each other and all have the same professional goal in mind and know that a great result lives above all from teamwork. The joy should not be neglected. The card Nine of Cups shows that the wine will flow, this can certainly be understood as an analogy, I think. All in all it is also about recognition and motivation.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card Nine Of Cups

Too much always represents an imbalance. So it also shows the upside down position of the tarot card of the Nine of Cups. Here it is no longer about pleasure, but rather about gluttony and showing off and representing oneself. It is extremely important for a dazzler to show all other people how well he is doing. The real man of pleasure of the Nine of Cups would not need this, I think. On the contrary, those who are really well, like to give something away, because they know that good gifts increase when they are shared. Especially with those people who appreciate this. Those who keep their hands open instead of closed can expect even more abundance from the universe.

Tarot Card Nine Of Cups As Advice

In my opinion, the Nine of Cups show you that it is time for enjoyment. I would therefore advise you to focus on the pleasurable things in life, especially today. Please perceive the beautiful things around you and accept them gratefully.

In Love

Today it is time to revel. This also applies to your relationship and love in general. I advise you to recognize the advantages of your partner today and to celebrate an enjoyable togetherness with him. Love can live on such days and blossom fully.

At Work

A job does not always have to mean work. On some days, the activity gives so much pleasure that it is done with ease and in a good mood. The Nine of Cups show you that today is such a day for you. I advise you to share the pleasure with your colleagues, because shared pleasure is double pleasure.

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