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8 Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of VIII of Wands Tarot Card?The Eight of Wands represents an expectation. Indeed, positive news can be expected. A previously felt rigidity slowly but noticeably dissolves and life penetrates again through obsolete blockades. Social interaction can now flow, grow and prosper again.

Short Meaning Of The Eight Of Wands

  • Good news
  • Energy Balance
  • Expectation
  • Facilitation
  • Investment
  • Capacities

The tarot card Eight of Wands stands for good news. Finally the difficult times are over. Now it is important to look into the future and to focus your energies on things that are or seem to be promising. This can be about people, but also about professional projects. The one does not exclude the other and I think the coming time will be accompanied by many wonderful experiences. People who have been through a lot in the past especially appreciate this and therefore enjoy even the smallest of successes. All in all, life is clearly gaining in quality of life.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Eight Of Wands

The tarot card Eight of Wands promises a real relief. The hardships of life dissolve to a large extent and you can feel quality of life and satisfaction again. The good news comes by phone, mail or e-mail. But no matter how these messages find their way, they illuminate the subjective feeling immensely. All in all, a noticeable positive change can be expected in the Eight of Wands. It may be that it is about love affairs or about the job. But also concerning the own development, a lot of positive things can happen and bring movement into play.

Eight Of Wands In Love And Relationship

If the Tarot card Eight of Wands shows up in love, then it is about butterflies in the stomach. The messages of the heart person reach the person concerned via cell phone, internet or telephone and trigger a flood of positive feelings. If a relationship already exists, it can profit from new spring feelings and both partners enjoy this fresh wind. New rituals and habits or the appearance of a third person can be responsible for this. I think a little jealousy in moderation has never hurt anyone and only shows how valuable the partner is in one’s own life. Sometimes it is simply refreshing to look at familiar things with different eyes.

Eight Of Wands In Money And Career

In terms of career, the Eight of Wands brings a supportive wave that brings the work forward. This can be an existing employment relationship and the work is now particularly easy and yet brings a considerable degree of efficiency or a new job is being sought. Even then the chances are above average that the corresponding application will receive special attention. In any case, the Eight of Wands members offer noticeable support and a push in the right direction, so that things continue to go uphill in terms of career. This ensures further professional ambition and a good deal of inspiration.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card Eight Of Wands

If the Eight of Wands is upside down, this indicates too much euphoria and a waste of energy. This is accompanied by pangs of conscience and doubts, so that it is clearly shown that a conscious allocation of energy is necessary. I think everyone knows how annoying it is when a lot of energy has been put into a person or a project and then in the end nothing comes out of it except maybe even negative things. I therefore recommend to look carefully when it comes to investing your energy. After all, the corresponding capacities are limited and therefore the energy should be managed well and wisely, I think.

Tarot Card Eight Of Wands As Advice

For me, the Eight of Wands symbolize a large portion of verve and élan. I would now like to ask you to find tasks for which you need such élan, because you find it easier than usual to perform these activities today. Please take it up and get started.

In Love

In love, sometimes a new momentum is needed to make the relationship feel especially alive again. Today you experience this momentum in your relationship. If you are single, you feel this momentum in your search for a partner. Please use this energy, because it brings you a good step forward.

At Work

On some working days nothing really wants to succeed. Today is not such a day for you, as the map of the Eight of Wands clearly shows. Today you are full of energy and verve and therefore dare to take on professional projects that you left behind for a long time. Please be happy about professional successes.

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