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7 of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

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What is the meaning of the VII of Swords Tarot Card?A man caring 5 swords is carefully leaving the military camp. His stealthy steps suggest that he is stealing something or escaping a situation.


Diplomacy, using intellect to overcome obstacles, secrecy, deception, betrayal.

The Meaning of the Card 7 of Swords

Although universally known as the “thief card”, 7 of Swords carries a more complex meaning. The Sevens, as in their Major Arcana archetype, the Chariot, are concerned with overcoming obstacles. Since Swords are ruled by Air, the element of thoughts and reason, 7 of Swords means solving problems through our intellect. The card, therefore, in its simplest form will deal with using the mind to analyze the situation and plan next steps to achieve our goals.

7 of Swords will often appear when we are not able to confront a problem head on. Perhaps we are afraid to directly address it. Instead, we use our mind to create schemes that will help us tackle the obstacles indirectly, in a more secretive manner. As a result, the card carries an air of duplicity and deception, as we perceive that best path to success is to hide our true motives and control the situation from behind the scenes. That can certainly carry a positive meaning when we use our diplomatic skills to overcome obstacles, without creating openly hostile environment that would be harmful to all involved.

Sometimes, however, the card will point to an act of deceit and betrayal that we employ to further our self-interests. The card warns that it is often impossible to stay undetected and unnoticed. Once your diplomatic actions start to enter a shady area of dubious ethics, it’s time to ask yourself a question whether your cunning is indeed the best possible approach, as such actions are bound to backfire. It may be much easier to just approach the matter with honesty.

7 of Swords as Advice Card

7 of Swords suggests that your best course of action is to use your intellect to gather information, review various choices, plan your next moves and account for possible obstacles that you may encounter. Now is not the time to blindly push forward, nor is it a time to bring issues to a boiling point. The “thief” on the card is running away from the military camp, as if signalling that we should avoid open war. Thoughtful actions and diplomacy have a higher chance of success.

If you have tendency to talk a lot about your problems, 7 of Swords will advise you to keep the cards close to your chest. Also, pay attention to gossips around you, and quite literally protect your belongings and home from thieves.

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