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7 Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of VII Of Pentacles Tarot Card?The Seven of Pentacles symbolize a kind of momentum of their own. Things are now developing without being able to stop them in the near future. These developments are based on plans and actions, which were created in the past. Now they bear fruit, similar to karma. The harvest turns out according to the seed. This card symbolizes useful and positive things, with the appropriate patience it comes to a very good harvest.

Short Meaning Of The Seven Of Pentacles

  • Momentum
  • Development
  • Seeds
  • Harvest

The tarot card Seven of Pentacles stands for momentum. The motive of the card shows quite significantly what it is all about. The Seven of Pentacles invites you to keep your feet still and stay calm, because everything goes its way anyway. When the traffic light is green again, new plans and projects can be discussed. I am sure that the corresponding signs will be visible.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Seven Of Pentacles

The Tarot card Seven of Pentacles has a red traffic light as motive. In my opinion this means that now a stop is called for, a wait to plant a new seed for the future. Now the seeds of the past must first develop and then be harvested. This is to be understood as a metaphor and affects all areas of life. Just like we stop at the traffic light and wait for green, we wait for a significant sign that we can continue to go ahead. Then the circumstances are right and our actions and plans are favored by fate.

Seven Of Pentacles In Love And Relationship

Concerning love and relationship, the tarot card Seven of Pentacles here points to conventional relationship work. Slowly but surely it is moving towards a stable and fulfilling connection. In my opinion this means that the work is worthwhile. Maybe it is also about new blood, or a new pet comes into the family. The Seven of Pentacles show that everything is already going well in the relationship and that the natural course of events makes the connection even closer. The work is rather to continue the relationship as before. Here, too, a momentum of its own can be seen, which benefits the relationship as a whole.

Seven Of Pentacles In Money And Career

Professionally speaking, the Tarot card Seven of Pentacles means that things are moving slowly but surely. Sometimes time seems to pass very slowly here, but in return the yields are of lasting benefit to the person concerned. Patience is called for, because the development at work is in progress. This is also true when it comes to finding a job or a new job. The saying that good things take time is particularly true in this case. The Seven of Pentacles hold positive things ready, which must first peel out after the onion principle. Then the harvest is visible also in vocational regard and brings the appropriate satisfaction and also a good portion of pride. All in all, the work is fun and bears fruit.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card Seven Of Pentacles

If the Tarot card Seven of Pentacles is displayed upside down, impatience can cause losses that should not have been there. Moving things around also indicates the upside down card. With the wrong attitude and always new excuses it can happen that the harvest cannot be brought in and this despite past work. This is particularly tragic when a lot of work has been done for virtually nothing. I recommend to be patient, even if it is difficult, especially until the sheep are in the dry, as they say.

Tarot Card Seven Of Pentacles As Advice

For me, the card of Seven of Pentacles stands for patience above all else. I would like to recommend you to practice patience, especially today. Sometimes it is not easy to let things run their course, but you will find out: Good things take time.

In Love

Maybe you want to take your relationship to another level. Then I would like to advise you to be patient and not to push things, but to focus on free development. Your partner will appreciate this very much and your whole relationship will benefit from it.

At Work

The Seven of Pentacles show you today the way of patience. Often in professional matters we want to move forward as quickly as possible in order to reach a certain goal. I would like to advise you to consciously shift down a gear today and concentrate on the present. Patience is a virtue that you can practice.


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