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7 Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of VII Of Cups Tarot Card?The Seven of Cups stands above all for an illusion. Dreams and fantasies dominate life and everyday life. Thereby the view for the really important things can be blocked. Disappointments can be the result and the realization that reality often has nothing in common with the dreams.

Short Meaning Of The Seven Of Cups

  • Illusion
  • Deception
  • Fraud
  • Dream Castles
  • Dreams and fantasies

No matter whether it is about the job, love or self-realization. The tarot card Seven of Cups symbolizes illusion. It can come in various guises and it is not always easy to recognize the illusion as such. It can be that we are deceived by others or that it is we ourselves who deceive others and contribute to other people’s attachment to certain illusions. It is time to take responsibility for our own reality. I recommend banishing fantasies to where they belong. Into the fantasy world.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Seven Of Cups

The tarot card Seven of Cups shows that it is time to act instead of continuing to indulge your fantasies. I also think it’s nice to be nice for a while, to dream and revel and then it’s time to face reality again. Then many dreams are exposed as illusions. This can be very sobering at first, but in the end reality can be created in a way that it at least resembles your own fantasies. This is an art in itself and I think that it is worthwhile to deal with this topic constructively.

Seven Of Cups In Love And Relationship

When the Seven of Cups is uncovered, it is about aspects of a relationship that are more a matter of fantasy than reality. The same is true when there is no relationship, but rather an extensive rapture. Here it is probable that no relationship is established. On the other hand, a nice time may come, which could turn into something more serious at a later date. I think it can be very useful to recognize a fantasy for what it really is, because it saves disappointments for a long time. I think that life is not only black and white, but that there are many gray shades and middle spheres.

Seven Of Cups In Money And Career

From a professional point of view, the Seven of Cups means that projects cannot always be implemented in the way one has planned. Castles in the air are good for dreaming, but when it comes to the job, they don’t bring much. I think it makes more sense here to rely on essential facts than on dreams. Sometimes it is beneficial to have visions. However, realizing these visions requires real drive. The Seven of Cups also indicates that other people can deceive you. Caution is required here, even if this deception is not done consciously. So business partners cannot always be trusted right away. I am of the opinion that facts often say more than fine words.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card Seven Of Cups

The Seven of Cups also has a shadow side, this is true when this tarot card is upside down. Here the questioner should be careful that he is not deceived or deceives himself without meaning it badly. On the other hand, the card also stands for cheating or at least for the consideration of cheating. Every card has its dark sides, this also applies to the Seven of Cups. Illusions are harmless until they burst. It can be all the worse if the illusions were not recognized as such, but were thought to be reality. I think that landing on the ground can then be hard and uncomfortable.

Tarot Card Seven Of Cups As Advice

Sometimes we are tempted by illusions to adopt a certain way of looking at things. For me, the map of Seven of Cups stands for this illusion. Even if it is not always easy, I would like to ask you now to look closely at what is illusion and what is reality. You are stronger than you think.

In Love

Illusions can be very seductive for a certain period of time, but after a while the awakening comes. In order for you to deal with awakening in a good and positive way, I would now like to recommend that you generally deal with the topic of illusion and consider welcoming reality.

At Work

Sometimes you are just on the right track and sometimes it just seems to be the right way. According to the motto “You are more than your job”, I ask you to think about what else is in your life that makes you happy and satisfied.

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