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6 Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of VI of Wands Tarot Card?The Six of Wands represent an optimistic attitude. In addition, a phase is successfully completed. This can be a project, an education or a lesson for life. Good news is to be expected here and those who have been flirting with a rather risky project for a long time can start now, because the time is right.

Short Meaning Of The Six Of Wands

  • Optimism
  • Success
  • Good news
  • élan
  • Career
  • Marriage

The significance of the Six of Wands is positive in all areas and mainly it is about good news and a positive time that goes with it.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Six Of Wands

The Tarot card Six of Wands shows two figures jumping into the air and throwing their arms up in the air. They obviously seem to be very happy about something. This happiness reflects the Six of Wands and reminds of the good times in life. The fact that the person does not jump joyfully into the air alone shows that others are also involved in the positive process. No matter how long the person concerned has been waiting for a message or a circumstance, now is the time. I think it is quite understandable to perform a joy dance.

Six Of Wands In Love And Relationship

If the Tarot card of the Six of Wands shows up regarding relationship and love, then a positive turn is imminent. It may well be that a firm relationship leads to a marriage, a long-distance relationship becomes a firm relationship or that there is a new generation on the way. But also what misunderstandings from the past concerns, these can be solved now finally, so that nothing stands to a durable relationship luck more in the way. It is not necessarily about a big debate, it sometimes happens that difficult situations simply vanish into thin air, simply because the right time is there and a thing that used to cause headaches is virtually sweating out. I think sometimes it’s just a question of time and attitude, which becomes more and more mature over the years.

Six Of Wands In Money And Career

The Six of Wands also brings a good time in professional terms. At work, there is one person who is a real ray of hope because he or she knows how to motivate other people. In this way, a team can work together much better because they enjoy the tasks. The company also benefits because the tasks are not only tackled with more enjoyment, but are also particularly effective and efficient. Seen in this light, the Six of Wands brings a real advantage to everyone involved. This continues to be very beneficial for one’s own career, because rarely have the chances been so good to climb the career ladder a good bit higher. This success can be regarded as sustainable, because the person concerned does not float, but stands with both feet on the ground despite his success. A good foundation for long-term success, in my opinion.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card Six Of Wands

If the Six of Wands is upside down, this inevitably leads to delays when it comes to projects or plans. Instead of success, there is only daydreaming and instead of vigor and courage, the focus is on fear and emptiness. Whoever remains in this state is certainly glad to be pointed out. It is not uncommon for the person concerned to be unaware that he or she is in such a state and to wait for the situation to improve on its own. But for this to happen, the appropriate seeds must have been planted in the past, otherwise it is useless to sit back and wait. I think that this is a case of taking the initiative and pulling your own hair.

Tarot Card Six Of Wands As Advice

For me, the map of the Six of Wands stands above all for a personal triumph. I would now like to recommend that you play out this triumph for yourself today, in a way that is good for you and your environment. Sometimes there is nothing better than to experience a personal triumph.

In Love

Today it is especially good for you to show clearly in your relationship that it is your turn now. I ask you to recognize that you deserve love and equality. Please learn to claim this for yourself, even if you are single and have dates with nice potential partners.

At Work

Sometimes it’s just great to have a trump card up your sleeve. These opportunities don’t come along very often, but the Six of Wands map shows you that you have the chance to do so today. I would now recommend that you consciously take this chance today and enjoy the feeling.

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