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6 Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of VI Of Pentacles Tarot Card?The Six of Pentacles refers to nobility and generosity. Here it is about a person who is socially minded and therefore also thinks about the welfare of his fellow men. Such a character is steadfast and strong and always intent on putting the well-being of the community in focus.

Short Meaning Of The Six Of Pentacles

  • Generosity
  • Nobleness
  • Strength of character
  • Respect
  • Consideration

The Six of Pentacles stand above all for magnanimity and character. Here we are dealing with a person who carries these qualities within himself and also acts in this way outwardly. The card shows a life ring and this is this noble person also for many people. This person can also be a public person who acts administratively and socially from official channels.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Six Of Pentacles

The Tarot card Six of Pentacles has a life ring as motive. In my opinion this can be interpreted to mean that a generous and kind-hearted person is a lifeline for other people. The person can afford to be generous because he or she has the means to do so. However, this is not a matter of wastefulness, but rather of a thoughtful use of the means, and of distributing them among those in need. Hence the life belt. Only those who also need help will get it. Basically, this also symbolizes to a certain extent fate itself, because every person receives at the right time everything that he or she really needs in the end. Of course we sometimes think that we need a little bit more to be happy. First of all, however, it is about the basic needs, I think.

Six Of Pentacles In Love And Relationship

The Six of Pentacles show a healthy level of respect for love within an existing relationship. Respect and benevolence are also associated with this. The card Six of Pentacles also warns of a certain neediness or dependence on the partner. It may well be that one partner needs more attention than the other and the balance is then no longer there. I think, here above all caution is required, if at some point the focus is more on compassion and sympathy than real respect. I think it is also very important to show respect and goodwill to yourself.

Six Of Pentacles In Money And Career

If the Tarot card Six of Pentacles shows up, it is a matter of a profit in professional terms. But this is not really worth mentioning, because it does not correspond to the performance which was achieved before. In this respect it makes sense to clarify the matter and to stand up for your rights. If a job has just started, the focus is on tolerance and respect. Even in the case of a longer existing employment relationship, it is easy to talk to your superiors and clear up any inconsistencies. I think that especially with this tarot card there need not be any fear of confrontation. On the contrary, once important things are said, a more pleasant and effective work is possible.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card Six Of Pentacles

If the Six of Pentacles is upside down, it is about liabilities of any kind. These can be quite considerable amounts. Greed is in the foreground, the same applies to arrogance and extravagance. Every thing in the universe has its dark side, it can’t be any different. I am of the opinion that these dark sides do not always have to be viewed negatively, because they are part of life anyway. Without night there would be no day and also the stars would not be visible, without illness no health, without chaos no order and the like. Those who were once really wasteful can benefit from this and learn to be more economical in the future.

Tarot Card Six Of Pentacles As Advice

Life is about giving and taking. The card of the Six of Pentacles stands for this balance, so that giving and taking are balanced. I would advise you to look today of all days to see if these two aspects of your life are in balance.

In Love

In a relationship, each partner gives what he or she can. I advise you to consciously take stock today and make sure that your relationship account is smooth. Of course we like to invest in love and trust. But it is no less important to pay attention to both aspects, giving as well as taking.

At Work

The card of the Six of Pentacles shows you that you can balance out at work today. Either you have given too much or maybe too little the last time. A balance will do you good. I advise you to take stock of your professional activities today.


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