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6 Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of VI Of Cups Tarot Card?The Six of Cups symbolizes past phases of life. The same applies to the memory of it. Connections from the past to the current phase of life can still exist and give energy. It is not uncommon for this to be visible on both sides when it is the bond between two people. Places, behavior patterns and people from the past become important again in some cases.

Short Meaning Of The Six Of Cups

  • Past
  • Nostalgia
  • Connection
  • Dreams
  • Hold on
  • Resolution
  • Energy

The Six of Cups symbolizes a person who stretches out his arms to the sky while standing on the ground. He connects the elements and is in the here and now. The tarot card shows that too much nostalgia can block the view of the current possibilities in the present.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Six Of Cups

Past phases of life are not always in the past. The tarot card Six of Cups points to a connection between past and present. The card represents a figure that stretches out its arms to the sky. The human being touches the earth and reaches for the stars – he himself is considered to be a binding member of the elements. In fact, all people are connected in one way or another, and some people or situations are not simply done away with just because they belong to the past. I think it is worthwhile to trace these connections in order to get a clearer picture of the present

Six Of Cups In Love And Relationship

A tarot card often speaks to us in symbols. So does the Six of Cups. Goblets generally symbolize feelings and emotions and the card shows a person who virtually unites heaven and earth with his posture. Together this means that a former partner from the past can reappear. Or maybe it is just wishful thinking on the part of the person concerned, who wishes back past romantic times. The memory does not necessarily have to be positive, but can also have negative aspects. For example, difficult situations or behavior patterns of the former partner recall and are recognized by a new partner. Perhaps the former partner also enters life again and a continuation begins.

Six Of Cups In Money And Career

Professionally, the Tarot Card Six of Cups is about surrealistic expectations. The profession does not bring the expected promotion and further training possibilities and disappointments are then the result. In the focus of the interests creativity and individualism are located, but these aspects cannot be lived out in such a way, how concerning it wish itself. I recommend in this situation to create a balance and not to expect the profession to cover all needs. In the long run, not being able to advance professionally can be very frustrating, we all know that. Nevertheless, changing jobs is not so easy, because the Six of Cups also stands for nostalgic feelings. In other words, many things are romanticized when past times are remembered, also in a professional sense. It is not always easy to take off the pink glasses and look at things soberly.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card Six Of Cups

Since the upside-down Six of Cups stands for too much nostalgia, it can be difficult to let go of situations and people, even if they are not necessarily good for you. As a result, life simply cannot go on. The past cannot be let go and moving forward is not or hardly possible. As nice as it can be to linger in the past from time to time and to remember past times, this behavior pattern can become difficult when it dominates in life. I recommend to find the connection between the times and then focus on the present.

Tarot Card Six Of Cups As Advice

The card of the Six of Cups symbolizes for me a living past. I would recommend you to face and reflect on certain aspects of your life today. Maybe you still have something to process. Please be full of understanding with yourself and all participants.

In Love

Today an old story of the past catches up with you, which partly influences your relationship. I advise you to solve old conflicts and to look ahead positively. Please think about today which part of your past you can solve in order to finally look ahead with your partner.

At Work

The map of the Six of Cups shows you the way into your professional past. I recommend that you use a characteristic or skill in your profession today that you learned a long time ago. No matter if it is training, studies or work experience, today you will benefit from your treasures of experience from the past. Please weave them profitably into your daily work routine.

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