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5 Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of V of Wands Tarot Card?The Five of Wands mean competition and challenge, but with a playful background. Nevertheless, it is not about harmony and peaceful atmosphere, but rather about the so-called calm before the storm. If the situation also seems idyllic, this is to be judged more as deceptive, and those who are clever are already preparing for storm.

Short Meaning Of The Five Of Wands

  • Competition
  • Games
  • Challenge
  • Rhetoric

The Five of Wands show two people who are together. On the one hand it is about the calm before the storm, on the other hand it is about playful competitions. The concrete meaning usually results from the context of the respective situation or phase of life. Basically, playful competitions are rather harmless, because this way the participants can learn to assert themselves, even when things get serious. On the other hand, it is important not to lose sight of the border to real power struggles here, because the boundaries are fluid. I think the fun of the game itself should not be lost.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Five Of Wands

The Tarot Card Five of Wands shows two figures sitting together in a seemingly relaxed manner. Maybe they are talking, maybe they are just spending time together. The emphasis here is on seemingly relaxed, because you don’t know how long this calm will last. The Five of Wands indicate that something is brewing. But even when it comes to scuffles of a verbal nature, they are rather playful. Nevertheless, some important rhetorical skills can be acquired in this way, which will be useful for a lifetime.

Five Of Wands In Love And Relationship

When the Tarot card Five of Wands shows itself in relationship issues, it is about light confrontations. The line between harmless teasing and serious statements is sometimes blurred here, but usually these discourses do not affect the relationship. On the contrary, in this way a playful tension is maintained and the relationship does not become boring. It is not for nothing that the saying goes: what is teased, is loved. Furthermore, the Five of Wands indicates an interference of family members or friends. Even if they mean well with their relationship tips, it can start to get annoying after a certain time when others interfere. In my opinion, nobody can look into a relationship and therefore cannot form a real judgment. Both partners are responsible for their relationship.

Five Of Wands In Money And Career

The Five of Wands indicate a professional change. This change could extend the traditional field of work or make it easier and more interesting by means of new techniques. It is true that all beginnings can be difficult here, but in the end these changes will be worthwhile, both for the company itself and for the employee, who can internalize what he has once learned and thus also apply it in other companies. The bottom line is that this innovation only brings positive results. I am of the opinion that it can only do our grey cells good if we regularly experience new challenges. No matter whether in private or professional life, innovations keep us young, break up everyday life and allow us to be proud of our achievements and our life.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card Five Of Wands

This is a world of ambivalence. Every thing has its shadow side, as does the tarot card Five of Wands. If this card is upside down, then it is about deception and empty promises. In general there is a rather irritated and tense atmosphere. Here the cause must first be found, otherwise it is almost impossible to restore a reasonable starting situation. I think it makes sense to find out the causes and then tackle the problem systematically.

Tarot Card Five Of Wands As Advice

For me, the map of the Five of Wands represents the challenge. I would like to recommend to you to see this challenge in a playful way, then you can master it more easily and even have fun with it. Please have fun in developing yourself and being able to express this in a playful way.

In Love

It is not for nothing that they say that what is teased is loved. In relationships, it is indeed the challenges that bring a couple together. If you are single, you can also take a challenge in itself playfully today. In this way you can find a partner who fits you and your needs.

At Work

It is not uncommon for work to involve some kind of competitive behavior or thinking. The map of the Five of Wands shows you that you can look at and evaluate this in a rather playful way, especially today. I would like to ask you to enjoy competition, because competition, as they say, stimulates business.

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