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5 of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Image

What is the meaning of V of Swords Tarot Card?A man is holding two swords with three others laying at his feet. In the distance, two figures appear defeated, leaving what seems to be a battlefield. The man has conquered his enemies, and yet he is left alone with his triumph.


Defeat, discord and tension, being in a hostile environment, victory through dishonor

The Meaning of the Card 5 of Swords

When the card 5 of Swords appears in your spread, expect things not to turn out the way you hoped for. The general meaning of the card, defeat, suggests that you will be faced with an opposition of some sorts. No matter your intentions, your diplomatic skills, the rightfulness of your position, you will come across resistance impossible to surpass, at least for the time being.

The card 5 of Swords does not always mean that the victory is unattainable. Rather, it warns you that the path to reaching your goal will be filled with conflict and the final result may not be worth the price you will pay.

5 of Swords may appear when you face a hostile environment, be it at work or any other social setting. The people you deal with are concerned with their own self-interests, which at the moment do not align with your own. Your first reaction may be to forcefully take what you need, but 5 of Swords will warn you to disengage from an open discord. Victory will leave you with a bitter taste, isolated and ostracizes by the others.

5 of Swords as Advice Card

There are moments in our lives whene we would like to press forward against all odds. Obsessed with the need to win, whether it is an argument, a promotion or a conflict in our relationship. We may feel blinded by our own needs, and ready for a battle to get what we desire. However, the card 5 of Swords asks us to resist the urge to press forward against all odds, as this path may lead to disappointment and perhaps even humiliation. When 5 of Swords rules your path, it’s time to take stock of the wins and losses, and retrieve until a new opportunity presents itself.

The card does not suggest that you should give up the goal all together, but rather refrain from the path of conflict. In time, you will be presented by other opportunities. Engaging in a fight now will, on the other hand, risk what you gained so far. Remember the famous phrase, “loose the battle, win the war” and approach your plans with a mind of a strategist.
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