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5 Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of V Of Pentacles Tarot Card?The Five of Pentacles stand for a time of various privations. The current or coming phase of life is characterized by challenges. This does not necessarily happen voluntarily, but there is no way around passing trials and hardening one’s will. However, the Five of Pentacles also show the gain, which lies in the loss.

Short Meaning Of The Five Of Pentacles

  • Poverty
  • Deprivation
  • Deficiency
  • Dry spell
  • Challenge

The Tarot card Five of Pentacles shows a road that leads superficially into nowhere. This means so much that on the road of life there is not much to expect at first, except that it will go forward. It is all about poverty and deprivation. But there is still one benefit that can be drawn from the experience, namely that it goes on and on in life and during this time the mental abilities can be trained and sharpened. I think that what helps with this card is above all the knowledge that the worst is over.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Five Of Pentacles

The tarot card Five of Pentacles symbolizes poverty and drought. The motive shows a street and a cloudy horizon. But the clouds are white and not grey or even black. In my opinion this means that there is hope and that the clouds will disappear after a relatively short time. The road seems to be crumbling or blurred, which shows that the current road is not necessarily easy to drive or to master. The Five of Pentacles thus show a dry spell and refer above all to the handling of such a phase of life. Even if it is anything but easy, I think that a special ability of resilience can be learned here, we become stronger and wiser.

Five Of Pentacles In Love And Relationship

In relationship issues, the Five of Pentacles card is a challenging situation, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Although both partners are on the same wave, they seem to expect different things from life. While the one is very much looking for closeness to the other, the other often needs distance and calm. This often leads to tension and misunderstandings. The lack of openly expressed feelings also comes into play. In fact, the relationship here seems to take energy rather than give it. This is often accompanied by a feeling of being drained and abandoned. Sometimes you can feel more lonely in a relationship than when you are alone. I think in such a case it can’t hurt to critically examine the relationship.

Five Of Pentacles In Money And Career

In terms of profession and career, the Five of Pentacles refer to a modest amount. The person concerned does not want to attract attention and therefore avoids direct discussion with the employer or with other colleagues. Problems at the workplace are the order of the day here; these are also not addressed and are rather accepted. It is not only about too little money, but also about other shortcomings, which lead to the fact that the work is generally not so gladly accomplished. I would recommend here to look for another job if the situation does not change.

The Meaning Of The Inverted Tarot Card Five Of Pentacles

The shady side of Five of Pentacles indicates that someone is going broke and taking the wrong path. This path is taken despite warnings. Here you can recognize cunning friends and also cunning promises, which are not kept. If the card of Five of Pentacles is drawn, I think it is important to take yourself out of the game first. Looking from a distance you can see things more sharply and see things in context. Those who are warned are also armed and this function represents the upside-down Five of Pentacles.

Tarot Card Five Of Pentacles As Advice

For me, the map of the Five of Pentacles represents a map that indicates a dry spell. I hereby advise you to overcome this dry spell and make the best of it. Please remember that contrasts are part of life and so are the corresponding lean periods.

In Love

Of course, we all wish for always good times with our partner. Today you are facing a challenge, you may feel neglected or misunderstood. I recommend you to let this dry spell pass you by today. Be sure, tomorrow the world will look better again. Please don’t be afraid and just retreat a little today.

At Work

Today, things are going professionally, not as well as you would like. The Five of Pentacles show that there are days like this again and again. I recommend that you prepare for a dry spell at work today and deal with it constructively. Please just accept what happened today and do not let yourself be put off.


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