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4 of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of 4 of Wands Tarot Card?The Four of Wands stand for a harmonious phase. In addition, a nice visit can be expected. Life is enjoyed to the full, because the card points to happy togetherness. After a not so good phase, it now feels very lively and cheerful.

Short Meaning of the Four of Wands

  • Harmony
  • Visit
  • Success
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration

The Tarot card Four of Wands shows a motif of four hands clenching their fists together in a greeting. It is not always necessary to toast with champagne if success is in sight. It is mainly about successful cohesion and a positive phase in life. This is also characterized by productivity. I think this card is an indication to approach projects now with a lot of joy and motivation.

General Interpretation of the Tarot Card Four of Wands

The tarot card Four of Wands also symbolizes success par excellence. The card shows Four Fists, which quasi clash, like the musketeers, only here there are four. In keeping with the motto, all for one and one for all, the motif points to a real cohesion. Even in difficult situations you can rely on support. That makes life worth living and easier. Whoever now wants to put a certain project into action can now dare to do so, because the stars are shining. The Four of Wands bring exactly the support that is needed for the project. I think, a better tarot card could not be wished for a project.

Four of Wands in Love and Relationship

On the subject of love and relationship, the tarot card Four of Wands s says a lot. Here the relationship develops further and does not stagnate. This may be due to the fact that both partners maintain qualitatively valuable contacts, so that both parties can inspire and surprise each other again and again. A lively exchange of ideas and opinions can take place in this way. When the relationship becomes a bit mundane, the respective contacts can bring a breath of fresh air into the relationship. For singles, the card is a clear invitation to go among people to meet new contacts.

Four of Wands in Money and Career

In professional matters, the Four of Wands members stand for the prospects of success with regard to a new job. Motivation and ambition are definitely present and the chances on the job market are very good. If it concerns an existing job, then the Four of Wands point out new possibilities. These include, for example, new contacts, special ideas as well as technical innovations and the option of further training. In this way, work is enjoyable and feels more like a vocation. Boredom also does not occur, as there are always new and interesting tasks. I believe that this is what work must feel like, certainly not every day, but over and over again, because working time is also valuable life time.

The Meaning of the Reversed Tarot Card Four Of Wands

If the tarot card Four of Wands appears the wrong way round, then it is a matter of falsehood and this in every respect. Either professional contacts cannot be trusted or there are people in the circle of acquaintances who lie and hide a part of the truth. In this situation it is important to keep a clear head, I think. Only then is it possible to act rationally and reasonably and to avoid impulse decisions. These can turn out so negative that it could be regretted at a later time. The best thing to do is to calm down first and then calmly examine the situation under the magnifying glass. To see in each humans a potential cheat is not a pleasant way to go through life, but sometimes it is better to be disappointed afterwards in the long run.

Four of Wands as Advice

Sometimes it is important in life to approach other people. The map of the Four of Wands shows you that today is such a day. I would like to ask you to be open and communicative, especially today, because both you and your fellow human beings will benefit from this.

In love

In my opinion, the map of the Four of Wands stands for openness and communication. So today is not the time for contemplation and silence and you can talk with your partner about everything that comes to your mind and is close to your heart. If you are single, you can talk to somebody today. Please be open and excited about life.

At Work

Teamwork should not be underestimated when it comes to professional matters. The Four of Wands show you that you are particularly communicative today. I would now like to advise you to use this gift purposefully. Please approach your fellow human beings and thus create a great professional climate.

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