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4 Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of IV Of Pentacles Tarot Card?The Four of Pentacles symbolize above all property. Here an added value of material goods is clearly visible. As far as the attitude towards material goods is concerned, it is not properly balanced. This leads in the long run to dissatisfaction up to melancholy and a feeling of emptiness and senselessness.

Short Meaning Of The Four Of Pentacles

  • Ownership
  • Property
  • Greed
  • Stinginess
  • Imbalance

The Tarot card Four of Pentacles clearly shows that it is all about balance. One figure seems to dance on the surface and to enjoy the generated consumption, but at second glance it can be seen that the figure has to be careful to keep the balance. I would advise to always keep an eye on one’s own steps, so that the path of life can be walked in a balanced way.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Four Of Pentacles

The Tarot Card Four of Pentacles refers to a person who has placed money and property in the center. Even if the negative effects of this attitude are not immediately apparent, the years bring about a clear feeling of human emptiness. Similar to the film Spirit of Christmas, it is very dangerous here not to recognize one’s own imbalance. The card Four of Pentacles shows a figure who is balancing and must be careful not to fall. If she takes just one step wrong, this will lead to an imbalance and to devastating effects. Material goods cannot help either. I recommend a healthy mediocrity consisting of possession, property and goods as well as a social human togetherness.

Four Of Pentacles In Love And Relationship

If the Tarot card Four of Pentacles is drawn in relationship questions, then it is about holding on. This clinging to the partner is not in a healthy relationship. A certain rigidity dominates the relationship, it almost seems as if one of the partners cannot breathe. I would advise a healthy balance between distance and closeness, so that each of the partners has time and air to lead their own lives. Because, as experience shows, clinging often leads to the other person finding freedom particularly tempting, according to the motto: What is forbidden is particularly desirable.

Four Of Pentacles In Money And Career

The Four of Pentacles show the acquisition of income. However, no joy is felt, let alone passion and inspiration. Of course it can’t be exuberant joy every day to earn a living, but the Four of Pentacles clearly show that the current activity is no longer fun. Here the focus is on the pure acquisition of money, completely without emotions. The spirits seem to be frozen and atrophied. Stinginess continues to play a role, which means that it is not even fun to spend the money earned and bring it among the people. In such a case I asked myself the question how long one can survive in this way without completely losing the joy of life. Most of the time you can’t see the forest for the trees, so I think it’s important to consider working hours as a lifetime, because many hours are spent at work.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card Four Of Pentacles

Whoever sees the Tarot card Four of Pentacles on the head has to deal with an extreme miserliness. This is the result of a need for security, which is no longer healthy and does not allow any joy of life. The greed for more makes all other things in life seem insignificant, unfortunately also people up to pleasures and even family. A mechanism which in the long run has a very poisonous effect on body and soul and slowly but surely eats away the entire life. Only when illness or even death threatens, do those affected realize that they have taken a completely wrong path in life. Fortunately, it does not have to come to that, if we take the warnings of the reversed tarot cards seriously.

Tarot Card Four Of Pentacles As Advice

I consider the card Four of Pentacles a symbol of attachment. I would like to recommend that you think about what you are attached to all too much today and that this might hinder you in your development. Please make yourself free today and feel light as the wind.

In Love

It is often said that love is a dance consisting of distance and closeness. I advise you to concentrate on yourself and your life plans today, because only those who can be happy alone will be able to enjoy a partnership properly. Please look for closeness to yourself today.

At Work

The Four of Pentacles card shows you that you identify very much with your profession today. I advise you to become aware that you are much more than your current profession. Please see your professional activity today as one of many goals regarding your life journey.


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