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4 Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of IV Of Cups Tarot Card?The Tarot card Four of Cups points to a person who is in a life crisis. Displeasure and injuries are also reflected in this card. In this phase of life it is all about dissatisfaction due to disrespectful behavior of other people. How strongly these aspects come to the fore depends on the respective situation.

Short Meaning Of The Four Of Cups

  • Annoyance
  • Life Crisis
  • Injuries and insults
  • Depressive disgruntlement
  • Delimitation
  • Protection

The map of the Four of Cups symbolizes a cloak or a wall built for protection. This means that while there is some protection from the outside world as far as negative aspects are concerned, I think that in return the positive aspects are also left out. Therefore the protective cloak has to be seen ambivalently. I mean, the cloak can be taken off if necessary and if it should be needed again, it can be used.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Four Of Cups

The card of the Four of Cups indicates sorrow on an emotional level. This grief may be temporary or permanent. This dissatisfaction can have various causes, either in everyday life at work or in a relationship that does not work out the way the person concerned imagines it to. The Tarot card Four of Cups shows a woman with a flowing cape. This cape can be interpreted as protection from the outside world, I believe. Since this cloak is a flowing fabric and not solid armor, the card indicates that the person will make himself comfortable in this protective cloak, so it can easily become a habit to cover his being.

Four Of Cups In Love And Relationship

In a relationship, according to the Four of Cups, a partner withdraws and does many things with himself. This may be very frustrating for the other partner, as you can well imagine. The cloak of the woman depicted on the Four of Cups card thus not only stands for protection, but also for dissociation from other people. Since the fabric is flowing, it can adapt and serve the person concerned in every situation in life. With time, however, this pattern of behavior can lead to difficulties in the relationship, because the cloak stands for a wall that no longer allows real closeness. I recommend to be open with oneself in this situation and to seek an honest conversation with the partner.

Four Of Cups In Money And Career

The tarot card Four of Cups indicates an unpleasant mood in everyday business life. The person concerned has built a protective wall around himself to cope with this stressful situation. However, it would be effective to face the professional challenge as I think it is. Whether it is about too much work, an unjust boss or unfair colleagues. Burying one’s head in the sand does not help in the long run and in all probability worsens the current situation. The four of cups also stands for uncriticalness in the broadest sense. In everyday work and life in general, there are always difficult situations and criticism, so I recommend tearing down the protective wall a bit and acting or reacting constructively.

The Meaning Of The Inverted Tarot Card Four Of Cups

If the Tarot card Four of Cups is upside down, this indicates behavior that is not social. It is all about the inability to accept criticism and to reconcile after a disagreement. Depressive moods can be the result and the inability to recognize that one is responsible for it oneself and sees oneself as a victim. I recommend a change of perspective in this situation so that a certain understanding can be developed for all parties.

Tarot Card Four Of Cups As Advice

Unfortunately the sun cannot shine every day. For me the Four of Cups stand for a correspondingly disgruntled mood. I would like to recommend that you light an inner light so that you can find your way again. Please proceed courageously and calmly.

In Love

Sometimes there is just the worm in it, as they say. This also applies to your relationship today. I advise you to spend the time with friends or alone and tomorrow the world will look different again. Please wrap yourself up in silence today and remember to listen.

At Work

Unfortunately, even at work, things don’t always work out the way we want them to. This is quite normal and happens to everyone. The Four of Cups show you that you are having a hard time at work today and that you will find yourself in a rather discontented mood. I would like to recommend you to mediate whenever you find an opportunity.

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