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3 of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Image

What is the meaning of the III of Wands Tarot Card?A lone man is looking out into the bay. He has his hand on one of three wands, the other two are set upright out of the ground. On a golden ocean, ships are setting out for a long journey or returning from distant lands. The color of the card is warm with a dominance of yellow, a symbol of creativity, optimism and clarity.


Expansion, exploration, moving beyond the known, taking the long view, planning ahead, assuming leadership.

The Meaning of the 3 of Wands

In many ways, the card 3 of Wands is similar to the 2 of Wands Tarot card. On both we see a lone man looking into the bay and holding a wooden stick. There are however distinct differences between the cards. 2 of Wands depicts a person who, although successful thus far, has still many tasks before him. In the card 3 of Wands, the traveler has achieved his goals and is left with a question: “What next?”. To move forward would be to go beyond the scope of what he achieved so far, into completely new and uncharted lands.

The card 3 of Wands in your reading signals that you find yourself contemplating new projects and life goals. With the security base you already posses, you begin to take a long view at your life ahead. The Wands is the suite of action and passion so expect to feel excitement as you move into an unknown territory, requiring new skills and knowledge. Moving beyond what is known requires courage and the card 3 of Wands will dare you to think and plan BIG and then use your passion and skills to get there.

The man on the card 3 of Wands is a leader. His goals go beyond his self interests and include all of the people that follow him. This sense of responsibility is in part what makes him step on the path of expansion and progress. So, while you contemplate your future, use all of your planning and leadership skills to ensure that your next journey will be safe and successful for you and those that you are responsible for.

In more practical sense, the card 3 of Wands may symbolize travel, often overseas, new study or professional training, starting your own business or partnership.

3 of Wands as Advice Card

When 3 of Wands appears in your reading as the advice card, it will ask you take a step back and look beyond your current circumstances. Use your mind and passions to pinpoint the goals you always wanted to achieve but perhaps lacked the confidence to go after. Allow yourself to feel excited about the new prospects; your feelings of excitement are the compass of your true destiny. Take a moment to analyze the path you traveled and see how you grew and matured in the process. You are now ready to reach even further. Don’t be afraid to think big.

If you find yourself restricted by your circumstances, 3 of Wands will ask you to move your thoughts away from what immediately surrounds you to completely new horizons. Dare to look far beyond what is known. Perhaps now is finally the time to change your career, move to a different city or start your business. With proper planning and vision, you can change your life’s meaning and direction.

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