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3 of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Image

On this image you see a 3 of Swords Tarot Card.In the somber sky, a heart, which symbolizes feelings and beauty, is pierced by three swords, the agents of logic and intellect.

3 of Swords Highlights

  • Disappointing and painful news
  • Hurtful words and realization
  • Feeling rejected or betrayed
  • Experiencing emotional or physical pain
  • Surgery or medical procedure often involving needles

The Meaning of the Card 3 of Swords

Whereas in the card 2 of Swords, we were in an uncomfortable truce, shielding our heart to maintain the status quo, the card 3 of Swords, represents finally facing the truth and receiving the blow. Since swords belong to the element of air, representing ideas, mental activity and communication, card 3 of swords can denote a moment of painful realization, or receiving of some unsettling news.

Quite often, however, the appearance of card 3 of swords may indicate our worry and fear of heartache, or perhaps of being rejected and isolated from the ones we love. This fear is caused by our mind that is tuned in to “expecting the worst”. When the card appears in your spread, you should ask yourself, whether the worry is grounded in actual events and facts, or rather in your own insecurities.

Although depicting a broken heart and often understood as a bad omen in love and relationship spreads, 3 of Swords can indicate medical and dental procedures involving needles with some degree of physical pain.

3 of Swords as Advice Card

The card 3 of Swords advises you to speak openly about what lays on your heart. By honestly addressing the emotional pain and communicating it to your loved ones, you will be able to transform your relationships. On a more personal level, the card 3 of Swords talks about an emotional pain that we carry within us. 3 of Swords reminds that only by acknowledging its source, acceptance and active effort to dispel the clouds of sadness and confusion, we we be able to move past the hurt and towards healing as symbolized by the next card in the suit, 4 of Swords.

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