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3 Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of III Of Cups Tarot Card?The card Three of Cups stands for the gift of gratitude. The focus is on a phase of life which was represented by great diligence and is now completed. Now the phase of celebration has begun, because the harvest can now be enjoyed. This phase connects people immensely. The pleasure has been earned. Sometimes the Tarot card of the Three of Cups also stands for a healing and recovery.

Short Meaning Of The Three Of Cups

  • Gratitude
  • Celebrate
  • Healing
  • hedonism
  • Enjoyment
  • Harvest
  • Examination, success

The Three of Cups do all credit to their motif; the three filled glasses, because they refer to a time of pleasure, which is gratefully lived. Grateful above all because the enjoyment itself has been worked out, consequently there is also a high degree of appreciation for the good things in life. I mean, the motto here is very clear: “Up the cups, we have earned it.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Three Of Cups

The Tarot card of the Three of Cups shows three filled glasses, which clash with each other. This symbolizes a good time with delicious food and drinks, as well as cohesion of people toasting to their success and the good phase of life. The flowing wine is gratefully accepted and since the goblets also symbolize emotions and feelings, it is a pleasurable phase of life also on an emotional level. High the cups, could be the motto, as I can well imagine here.

Three Of Cups In Love And Relationship

If the Tarot card Three of Cups is revealed during a card round, a pregnancy or a wedding can be expected. This expectation does not only apply to the card-reader, but to the entire environment of the respective person. Sometimes a pregnancy is also symbolic, in my opinion. That is, the person goes pregnant with an important idea or vision that he or she has of the existing relationship. The Three of Cups can also indicate that it is polygamy. On the whole, the card indicates a pleasurable time, also in the partnership. For example, if you have invested a lot in your relationship, you can now reap the rewards. I am of the opinion that these fruits can be quite different.

Three Of Cups In Money And Career

As far as the professional career is concerned, the Tarot card Three of Cups refers to a time when it is definitely possible to initiate past professional successes. This can also be an examination, which was passed successfully. In any case, there is a good reason to celebrate, as well as the card Three of Cups is also significant. In this phase, it is not about resting on one’s laurels, but rather to consciously enjoy the fruits of one’s labor for once, I think. If we never treat ourselves to anything good between the busy days, we soon lose motivation and inspiration.

The Meaning Of The Inverted Tarot Card Three Of Cups

The shady side of a card is never particularly positive; this also applies to the Tarot card Three of Cups. If you see it upside down, it indicates that you were happy about something too soon. The theme of pleasure addiction is also in focus here. It warns against too much alcohol, food, love affairs and the like. The measure of things is out of balance and must first be restored. This succeeds best by a phase of renunciation, I am of the opinion. Afterwards the beautiful things in life can be enjoyed all the more and more consciously. I myself have often noticed that life consists of phases and that each phase brings the most benefit if it is lived as consciously as possible with the knowledge that there are other phases as a contrast.

Tarot Card Three Of Cups As Advice

The card of the Three of Cups stands above all for gratitude. I would now like to ask you to be grateful, especially today, for what you have in life. Please turn your attention from emptiness to fullness and you will see many gifts.

In Love

Quite often we want to optimize our relationships. But today you can choose to be grateful for those aspects of your relationship that are good for you and that you like. Please also be thankful for the seemingly small things of your love.

At Work

The Three of Cups show you that you can gratefully ask for help today. Maybe it is also about gratitude for a great project, which is entrusted to you. Or about nice colleagues, without whom the job would not be so much fun for a long time. I would now like to ask you to simply be grateful for your money today. Please see your wealth, also in a spiritual sense.

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