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2 of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Image

What is the meaning of the II of Wands Tarot Card?A man stands on a castle turret and stares out into the bay. He holds a globe in his right hand and a walking stick, or wand, in his left. The second wand is mounted firmly behind him. The castle signifies the goals that he already achieved. In the distance, the mountains symbolize new goals and aspirations.


Being in charge, achieving your goals, taking initiative, deciding on your next steps.

The Meaning of the 2 of Wands

After the rush and creativity of the Ace of Wands comes the card of the first achievements. A man is standing on a castle turret — a clear symbol that many of his goals have been reached. However, the journey is not over. The mountains in the distance symbolize additional goals and aspirations that still need to be brought to fruition.

When the tarot card 2 of Wands appears in your reading, it will bring on a sense of accomplishment. Whatever the project at hand, be it at work or in personal relationships, the wands’ passion and creativity will be on your side. You can expect that your endeavors will be successful.

There is however more work to be done, and now that the initial stage has been completed, you will have to decide on your next steps. As with all Twos in Tarot, this one also deals with decisions. Is your castle, at least for now, enough for your needs or are you ready to move beyond what you have? And if so, how are you going to do it?

2 of Wands represents a person that is self-reliant and who has thus far achieved his goals on his own. Hence, he may not be eager to share his power. In readings pertaining to how we relate to others, it can point to a power struggle, where two people have difficulty giving up control mostly because they feel strongly about their goals and vision.

2 of Wands as Advice Card

When the card 2 of Wands appears in your spread, it will ask you to pause for a moment and reflect on your past and future goals. If your ambitions and aspirations feel far beyond your reach, remind yourself your past accomplishments, the path you took to achieve them and the challenges you overcame. You have come so far. There is no reason why you should not reach for even more. With the proper planning and passion in your heart, anything is possible.

Having a broader view on your journey will put your tasks ahead in perspective and help you make the right decisions. If you doubt yourself, feel your past accomplishments once again and draw from the power of that moment. It will put you in the right frame of mind.

At the same time, consider if your journey ahead needs to be a lonely one. Reaching your goals maybe easier if you feel the support and help of the people around you.

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