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2 Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of II Of Pentacles Tarot Card?The Two of Pentacles represent a carefree attitude to life. Situations which are not so easy are also approached flexibly and creatively. Here it is sometimes also about contradictions, which want to be united playfully. Since life is not a constant, but rather consists of different phases, the light-heartedness of the Two of Pentacles brings many advantages.

Short Meaning Of The Two Of Pentacles

  • Light-heartedness
  • Lightness
  • Flexibility
  • Decision
  • Games

The map of the Two of Pentacles shows climbers on the climbing wall. However, this wall does not represent a natural object such as a mountain. The obstacle was practically chosen by the climbers themselves, like in a play or sports hall. This means that with this card, the person usually chooses a challenging situation for himself and consciously seeks a kind of kick to feel alive and adventurous. I think that is the same with many learning tasks in life.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Two Of Pentacles

The tarot card Two of Pentacles shows figures climbing up a climbing wall. This task does not seem to be very difficult, but rather playful or adventurous. Nevertheless, the summit can also be reached or a task can be solved in this way. The Two of Pentacles clearly show that it is not always about hoping for easy living conditions, but to master life in a carefree and creative way. I think this attitude gives us an extra portion of élan, so that we still have time for leisure and fun.

Two Of Pentacles In Love And Relationship

If you encounter the Tarot card Two of Pentacles in matters of relationship, this indicates disagreement. Often it is a triangular affair, much to the regret of those involved. The situation is quite complicated, even if there is no infidelity. In the head of the partners so much can already happen and also in the heart that the existing situation demands a lot from the participants. That is why it is so important with the card Two of Pentacles to decide between two people and then to really stand by this decision. If an old relationship is dissolved, this happens relatively uncomplicated and free from drama.

Two Of Pentacles In Money And Career

The Two of Pentacles indicate two different possibilities for the profession, which seem equally attractive. So it is not always easy to choose one option, because that would also mean to exclude another great possibility. Two of Pentacles shows how important a decision is, but also warns against making it too easy and falling for the bill. In this situation, I would recommend to first gather all the facts and information and only then make a decision. After all, this is about existence and even if various tasks can be done playfully, it is important to get all the information you need in advance so that you will not be disappointed afterwards.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card Two Of Pentacles

Also the Two of Pentacles are not immune from the dreaded dark side. This shows a Eumel, who makes himself a laughing stock because he wants to make jokes and be funny. But the reverse tarot card also warns against fickleness and carelessness. Here, too, superimposed joy can be recognized and usually hides a melancholy or even a depression behind it. I think it can be very dangerous to hide your true feelings constantly and always behind a mask. If the sorrow is always swallowed down, it will start to ferment and rot at some point. That’s why I think it’s important to vent your anger and then it’s good again. This is healthy and the environment can handle such authenticity quite well.

Tarot Card Two Of Pentacles As Advice

For me, the Two of Pentacles stand for lightness and fun on the one hand, but also for the balance of things. This also concerns your mental balance. I hereby encourage you to strive for your mental balance, so that fun and seriousness can harmonize perfectly. Find your own center.

In Love

In love you can really unfold when giving and taking are in balance. I think the card Two of Pentacles serves as an important guide for you to look closely. I would now ask you to become aware how much you give and what you receive positively. This way your relationship can experience a natural balance.

At Work

I am of the opinion that every person has his vocation in this life. But so that you can also switch off from your work, I would like to recommend that you enjoy the end of the day in particular. In this way you can create a healthy balance between work and leisure time. Enjoy your duties and enjoy your well-deserved free time.

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