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2 Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of II Of Cups Tarot Card?The tarot card Two of Cups refers to an important meeting of two people. This can seemingly happen by chance or out of a desired appointment. As far as this encounter is concerned, it is under a positive star. Here something important can grow and develop, depending on the connection it becomes a love or a friendship, whereby the borders are to be regarded rather fluently also here.

Short Meaning Of The Two Of Cups

  • Meeting
  • Coincidence
  • Appointment
  • Cohesion
  • Partnership
  • Binding

In condensed form, the Map of Two of Cups represents a situation in which two people meet and are important to each other. The motif of the card, the intertwined hands, clearly symbolizes a bond and a cohesion that goes beyond a traditional friendship.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Two Of Cups

The Tarot card Two of Cups symbolizes an important meeting. On the card only the hands of two people are shown, the hands are intertwined, a sign that these two people belong together and stick together. Whether it is a love affair or a friendship, this kind of connection is one of the most important bonds in life. Sometimes the card also points to a love that cannot be lived. But also here this meeting of the two people is very important. I think that the point here is to see the other person as a mirror and to get to know each other better.

Two Of Cups In Love And Relationship

The Two of Cups shows a connection between two people, in this case two lovers. This does not mean that this love has to be adopted in everyday life. If it is about an existing relationship, the partners can get to know each other again in a completely new way and meet on a higher level. If it is more about the beginning of a relationship, it is possible that it does not last in everyday life, but is still very important for the development of both people. All in all it is about intense and strong feelings, which cannot be shaken off easily. The persons concerned must learn to live with them, even if they still feel inwardly connected. The Tarot Card Two of Cups still stands for an emotional bond that cannot be separated so easily. I recommend to perceive the different shades of grey of such a situation and not to limit oneself to black or white.

Two Of Cups In Money And Career

When the Tarot card Two of Cups is revealed, it is a meeting that can be very beneficial to your career. If a certain work has been done for a long time, the Two of Cups stand for harmony and respect. Positive meetings of a professional nature are to be expected here again and again. If the person concerned has decided to look for another job, then an important meeting can be very beneficial to him or her. All in all it looks very good in professional matters and the goblets also stand for water, a flowing element. In my opinion, this means that a situation cannot come to a standstill here, in the case of the professional situation. I recommend to think about how effective a new start is in the long run or if it might be even more efficient to change some aspects of the respective professional situation.

The Meaning Of The Inverted Tarot Card Two Of Cups

If the tarot card Two of Cups is upside down, it symbolizes hypocrisy, indiscretion and separation. These aspects do not necessarily have to dominate a situation, but I definitely recommend to sharpen your senses and be attentive. Encounters can be scrutinized to see if they make sense or if they should not be deepened. Sometimes this connection exists on an inner invisible level.

Tarot Card Two Of Cups As Advice

The two cups stand for attraction. Whatever this attraction refers to, it can sometimes be very strong and emotional. I would like to ask you to consider today of all days who or what is exerting a great attraction on you and, above all, why this is so. Please reflect honestly and understandingly.

In Love

Love is above all about a strong attraction which two people feel for each other. I recommend you to deal with this topic of attraction especially today, because in the end it means a great added value for you and your relationship or in love in general. Please observe the law of reflection.

At Work

We may not only be magically attracted by people, but also by objects or projects of a professional nature. I recommend that you ask yourself especially today which professional projects you feel particularly attracted to. The answers will be very important for your future.

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