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10 Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of X of Wands Tarot Card?The Ten of Wands indicate a load that is not so easy to carry. The focus here is on an imminent nervous breakdown or the collapse of health. Both aspects go hand in hand here and this tarot card warns against underestimating overload. It is now very important to delegate tasks and to relax a little more yourself.

Short Meaning Of The Ten Of Wands

  • Load
  • Overload
  • Problems
  • Challenge
  • Burn Out

The motif of the tarot card Ten of Wands already brings it to the point. The person on the card has overreached himself and carries too many packages through life. On the one hand this blocks the view and on the other hand there is a constant fear of falling over and falling down. Then even the simplest tasks can no longer be done because the entire nervous system is overloaded. To prevent this from happening, I recommend literally putting down at least one package and delegating the task. Then the view is clear again.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Ten Of Wands

The tarot card Ten of Wands shows a figure carrying three large boxes stacked on top of each other. These boxes block the view and the figure threatens to stumble. The motif clearly shows that this is a matter of excessive demands. The affected person urgently needs to learn to hand over a few packages so that he or she has visibility again and does not constantly run the risk of falling and injuring himself or herself mentally and physically. The Ten of Wands represent an invitation to seek help and to accept this help. Even if this means that a certain overweening pride must be thrown overboard.

Ten Of Wands In Love And Relationship

If the tarot card Ten of Wands in Love shows up, then it is a crisis. This arises because everyday life has so many burdens and burdens that hardly any time is put into the relationship. On the contrary, the respective partners often have to take the blame for what has gone wrong in everyday life. The quality of the relationship diminishes noticeably. I could imagine that a temporary separation would make sense here, then each partner can take care of his own life and learns to appreciate what he has in the other one. If there is no one left to take care of problems and responsibilities, you have to face your problems and can make room for the relationship that has value.

Ten Of Wands In Money And Career

The tarot card Ten of Wands symbolizes overwork in professional matters. This overload can affect the work itself or the human interaction at the workplace. Here the focus is on an excess of work, the workload is hardly or not at all manageable. A classic tarot card for burnout, in my opinion. In this situation, I recommend a time-out. During the vacation phase it can then be good to create the right amount of exploration and relaxation on the beach. After all, even on vacation there can be the danger of exposing yourself to a certain pressure to perform, be it in terms of sports or trendy excursions.

The Meaning Of The Inverted Tarot Card Ten Of Wands

If the map of the Ten of Wands is upside down, it stands for being the pack mule for everyone and everything. Despression and burn-out are often the result. It is not only your own problems that bother you, but also those of your family and even your colleagues. In my opinion it is too much for a person to burden himself with the problems of others, a line has to be drawn somewhere in time, otherwise health and psyche will be affected.

Tarot Card Ten Of Wands As Advice

For me, the map of the Ten of Wands primarily stands for a stressful situation. I advise you to prepare yourself for such a situation, especially today, so that you are prepared and equipped. Please accept this like grey clouds that will pass by very soon.

In Love

Difficult situations can mature a relationship and make two people grow even closer together. I recommend this viewpoint to you today, if it should become difficult. If you are single, it can seem very stressful today, but there will be other days. After rain comes sunshine.

At Work

Sometimes it seems as if the stress of your job is breaking down on you. The Ten of Wands point to such a day. I would therefore like to advise you to get a good nerve pad so that you can cope with the stress well. Please keep a cool head and you will know exactly what to do.

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