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10 Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of X of Swords Tarot Card?The Ten of Swords symbolizes an end. This can occur very abruptly and unexpectedly. Without mercy, life seems to take its course here and just go on. From now on it can only get better, so it is recommended to look ahead with the Tarot Card Ten of Swords.

Short Meaning Of The Ten Of Swords

  • Sudden end
  • Change
  • Farewell
  • End of relationship
  • Conclusion
  • New Phase

The Ten of Swords revolve around the end of a chapter, a phase of life. No matter if private or professional, this end is not necessarily foreseen, but rather comes rather suddenly, out of the blue. I think here it is a bit more difficult to face this situation, but practice makes perfect and with time you can learn to be flexible and creative at the same time. Life itself is the best exercise for this, since it is always about new phases of life.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Ten Of Swords

The tarot card Ten of Swords promises a sudden change. It means that in some ways life can change from one day to the next. Whoever imagines how much power a single sword already has, can imagine the power of ten swords. Then fate can really knock us down, or so it seems. I think that even if the card does not promise anything positive in the true sense, it does at least hint at the end of a phase of suffering, because things can’t get any worse now.

Ten Of Swords In Love And Relationship

When things don’t work out between two people in a relationship, there are different ways to end it. In this context the tarot card Ten of Swords stands for a lot of drama and emotionality. Usually no friendship continues, as is the case with some lovers when a relationship ends. It is about a lot of suffering, misunderstandings, selfishness and hurt feelings. The Ten of Swords is typical for the end of a relationship. Unfortunately, the affected people rarely part on good terms. I think, as tragic as this situation is, it is advisable to be attentive here. This is especially true in the case of divorce, where the division of property is involved. Here the former partner cannot be trusted and caution is better than trust.

Ten Of Swords In Money And Career

If the tarot card Ten of Swords shows up, then this indicates a sudden dismissal in professional terms, but at least the end of a department or a certain area of responsibility. This can also be a transfer. But no matter what this professional change looks like, it changes the entire working life and the daily habits that go along with it. Both employees and employers can prepare themselves for drastic changes. Often this change goes hand in hand with initially negative emotions and it takes a while for those affected to come to terms with the idea of change, let alone become friends. In my opinion, it is of little use to hold a grudge against the employee or donor, but to make the best out of the new professional situation.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card Ten Of Swords

If the Tarot card Ten of Swords is upside down, it indicates cruelty and aggression. In the worst case, it can even indicate sadism. The tendency to destruction is given. This is not only true in a material sense, but also on a subtle level. Therefore I think it is important to protect not only his body and his health, but also his own thoughts and belief in the good. If we build up such a protective shield in the spirit, no real harm can come to us from outside.

Tarot Card Ten Of Swords As Advice

The map of the Ten of Swords symbolically represents an important conclusion, in my opinion. I would now like to ask you to become aware that degrees are not only part of life, but also represent a mastered task. Please look forward to your mastered task and to new and interesting projects.

In Love

It is time for you to finish something in love. This does not have to mean a separation, maybe it is also about a behavior pattern which has now dissolved. I ask you to always consider a conclusion as an interesting new beginning and to perceive the love in general around you.

At Work

In my opinion, the Ten of Swords separate one section from the next. Professionally, you have now completed an important chapter. Think about what new and exciting tasks could be waiting for you. Please be open-minded and confident. A conclusion always represents a beginning.


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