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10 Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of X Of Cups Tarot Card?The tarot card Ten of Cups symbolizes harmony. Furthermore this card is about wish fulfillment and satisfaction. I interpret the ten goblets as a state full of enthusiasm and excitement. Exuberant joy of life is also an aspect that is taken up here. Harmony determines the phase of life, inconsistencies are cleared out of the way.

Short Meaning Of The Tarot Card Ten Of Cups

In summary, the basic statements of the tarot card can be listed as follows:

  • On the surface it is about harmony and understanding
  • Happiness, Peace
  • Exuberant feelings
  • Strong attraction

The Ten of Cups offer happiness and satisfaction in excess. The more goblets, the more feeling or intensity I find. The card also shows visually very clearly how it is possible to live a life in harmony and self-realization.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Ten Of Cups

The map of the Ten of Cups represents a symbol, which is shown from Ten of Cups in rainbow form. Underneath, a family dwells in happiness and harmony. The rainbow can be seen as a sign of reconciliation. The clouds disperse and a clear sky can be seen. I understand this also in a figurative sense, namely that after a while of difficulties to see light at the end of the tunnel and the harmony is already tangible and perceptible. Just as the rainbow contains many great colors, so does happiness present itself in many facets. I recommend you to pay attention to what life has in store for you.

Ten Of Cups In Love And Relationship

When the card Ten of Cups is revealed, this indicates an encounter which is positive. All in all, it is about a strong attraction and great feelings. I see it in such a way that already one goblet stands for emotions and feelings, and Ten of Cups represent a true excess of feelings. Since the feelings between two people are so strong, a long-term relationship is often the result. The card symbolizes such a strong attraction that those involved cannot escape this situation. Engagement and marriage are also the result of such attraction, as the Ten of Cups represent. Even after a separation, an attraction remains, so that in many cases reconciliation occurs after some time. Two people remain connected in their hearts for a long time, even if they do not spend their lives together for a while.

Ten Of Cups In Money And Career

The Ten of Cups represent a meaningful tarot card when it comes to success in business. By this I mean a new professional start or an orientation in another field of activity. This change is often of a long-term nature. The card continues to stand for a harmonious working environment and group cohesion. Everyone helps everyone here, so that even large and difficult projects can be successfully mastered. Even in the unlikely event of a termination, all participants agree in a respectful manner. Maybe you already have an idea in which direction this change could go. In any case, you will benefit from understanding colleagues who stand behind you, no matter what your professional future may hold. The same is true for the boss, because the card indicates that humanity is the main focus here. Profession and vocation are often separated by fluid boundaries, I think it is important to live the harmony also in your job.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card Ten Of Cups

Increased attention is required when the Ten of Cups are upside down, I think. This is where disputes, hypocritical behavior and embarrassing arguments are the order of the day. A generally unpleasant situation. But if you are prepared, you are also prepared. I recommend you to withdraw a bit and not to reveal everything about yourself, then these aspects of the tarot card will not have the biggest influence on you. It may also be that these vibrations are only emanating from one colleague and the rest of the team is friendly.

Tarot Card Ten Of Cups As Advice

The Ten of Cups symbolize above all the aspect of togetherness, I think. Whatever you didn’t succeed or went wrong recently, today you can look forward to a feeling of togetherness and live it consciously. I would now like to ask you to do your part.

In Love

Today, things are going particularly well in love. I would therefore advise you to keep your ears and eyes open, because today you will meet a potential partner with whom you have a lot in common. If you are in a relationship, you will feel very strongly connected to each other, especially today.

At Work

The Ten of Cups show you today that you can also rely on teamwork in your professional life. I would like to recommend that you gratefully accept this support and show your appreciation for it in time. Please recognize that your job is also about give and take. Then you will work in a positive and harmonious environment.

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