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Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of X Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card?In general, the tarot card “Wheel of Fortune” means that your experiences merge into your own world view.

Short Meaning Wheel Of Fortune

  • Power
  • New phase of life
  • Great change
  • At first helplessness
  • Fortune

Not everything is in our hands. The Wheel of Fortune makes it clear to us once again that there will be ever stronger forces that we cannot influence. Nevertheless, there is also the right time for you to enter your new phase of life, which you alone must use. You are at a point in your life where you might want to change something, but you just can’t. The Wheel of Fortune moves on and on, just as your life goes on. Your time will come! It needs patience.

My tip: Stay confident and positive and soon your day will come! Accept your strengths as well as your weaknesses and accept your life situation. It will not be the end, but the beginning of something wonderful. You alone have the possibility to take your chance soon!

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card Wheel Of Fortune

Now the puzzle pieces of the puzzle fit together. With this Tatrotcard you keep the ability to discover the world further and to marvel at it. This gives you the joy of life (similar to the card The Power that stands for vitality), which sweetens your day and at the same time you have a clear view of the essential things. I understand this in such a way that you now find the overview for the big picture. Now you have your story and you can continue writing it as you wish without it slipping out of your fingers.

Wheel Of Fortune In Love And Relationship

It may well be that your partner is behaving strangely at the moment. Eternal ups and downs are not good for either of you and put a strain on both the relationship and your souls. Secrets are also wrong and do not help. I see it that way that you and your sweetheart should talk to each other. Think together about the good and bad phases and become aware of how you have always stuck together. Think about your togetherness and what you have already overcome. This energy will help you out of the crisis.

Wheel Of Fortune In Money And Career

In relation to your professional situation, the Wheel of Fortune refers to the symbolism of turning on its own axis. I see this as a professional routine, which very often wants to be escaped. But the time is not ripe enough for this. So you should wait for the right time for changes even further. I therefore recommend that you make the best of your situation. As soon as the opportunity arises, you can immediately seize it, because as we know, nothing is permanent.

Only when you have found the right time, success will come.

The Meaning Of The Reverse Tarot Card Wheel Of Fortune

When the reverse tarot card is drawn, you struggle with your own Fortune. You may also unconsciously rebel against yourself and feel powerless. Your own wishes and ideas feel unapproachable, because Fortune feels very different. Do not let yourself be put off and go your way without looking back. Your ideas can come true if you firmly believe in them. This means that you must first and foremost believe in yourself!


The Wheel Of Fortune In Combination

The Wheel Of Fortune And The Fool

The power of a storm and an easy handling of obstacles are hinted at. Endurance and patience are present, effort is not required. The combination symbolizes the typical one night stand and uncertain luck.

The Wheel Of Fortune And The Magicians

If these two cards are connected, this indicates an important message or message. Actions on behalf of other people take place as if someone is adorning himself with someone else’s feathers.

The Wheel Of Fortune And The High Priestess

This combination shows events beyond the human mind. The menstrual cycle and all regular mood swings influence the mind Also this. Weather influences events and the emotions.

The Wheel Of Fortune And The Empress

Indicates a jealous person. But also on a ruler, mostly female, who won, although this was rather not to be expected. Aspects of oppression and incapacity become apparent.

The Wheel Of Fortune And Emperor

Points to a strong person, this person acts beyond his or her limits. Danger can arise in a fight. Advice for the strong from the stronger is welcome.

The Wheel Of Fortune And The Hierophant

Indicates great creative energy. One who builds material things very well and fast, makes himself noticeable. All in all it is about productivity and effectiveness.

The Wheel Of Fortune And The Lovers

This combination represents a blessing in times of need. It is also a prediction of the challenges in a relationship. A need for support in difficult times is also strongly represented.

The Wheel Of Fortune And The Chariot

It is about speed of action and thinking. A rousing speech is given. An adaptable person is also in the vicinity.

The Wheel Of Fortune And The Hermit

Represents a coordination of many aspects by one person. The ability to think on several levels is particularly present here. A person whose subconscious functions better than his consciousness is in the foreground.

The Wheel Of Fortune And Justice

Refers to the tendency to be conservative and to take things as they are and as they have always been. Shows someone who is concerned about right and wrong.

The Wheel Of Fortune And The Hanged Man

Means the willingness to make sacrifices or to accept the discipline to improve oneself. To see is someone who has more self-confidence than it may seem on the outside.

The Wheel Of Fortune And Death

It is about physical death due to natural causes or due to the usual health risks and vices. Losses in gambling have been reported. A crisis point where life is changed is also imminent or already present.

The Wheel Of Fortune And Temperance

Represents dexterity in art and minor crafts. The ability to transform ideas into the desired work is present. It is also about a person who can put plans into action very well.

The Wheel Of Fortune And The Devil

Dealing with aspects from the past are the focus of attention. Either a person is too stuck in doing things or is able to rethink habits. A danger of tyranny exists when a leader is pushed too hard.

The Wheel Of Fortune And The Tower

The focus here is on success or failure, even if this is not always the real question. It’s the attitude that does it, not just the living conditions or the framework.

The Wheel Of Fortune And The Star

Refers to self-knowledge and self-observation for self-improvement. A person who recognizes the element of chance and tries to avoid mistakes plays an important role here.

The Wheel Of Fortune And The Moon

Someone is trying to change the nature of people and things. Either too much is demanded of a person or situation, or excessive pressure is exerted in the hope that it will be only small pressure. Excessively high standards are also set for full success.

The Wheel Of Fortune And The Sun

This constellation points to the protection of the weak by the strong. A well-running community also protects and therefore plays a superior role.

The Wheel Of Fortune And Judgement

Means defense as well as an excess of severity and violence. First comes anger, then comes silence. It may well be that there is also no communication.

The Wheel Of Fortune And The World

Habits break apart. Violence in one’s own four walls can be seen, but it can also be a verbal form of violence. A formal end for one thing and a beginning for another sets clear cornerstones.

Tarot Card Wheel Of Fortune As Advice

In my opinion, the Wheel of Fortune is a card that clearly indicates that certain tasks should be solved. Maybe you have been putting off a task for a while. I now ask you to tackle this task today and take a first step. Please become active in this regard.

In Love

If you have things to clarify with your partner, you can tackle this task particularly well today. Perhaps you also need to finally tackle a project that you have been planning for a long time as a couple. I advise you not to wait any longer and thus bring development into your relationship.

At Work

Professionally you would like to develop yourself further for some time. Today, it makes sense to look for and take advantage of opportunities so that you can take the next step towards a career. Please think about today which step can take you further in the desired direction and set the course.


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