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The World Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of XXI The World Tarot Card?The World represents the conclusion of the great arcana and thus a very special tarot card. It is primarily about intuition, new terrain and development. In every field, top performances can be achieved. In the end, this map shows a kind of coming home, the place was found in the World and optimized according to one’s own needs.

Short Meaning The World

  • Completion
  • Perfection
  • Ideal
  • Intuition
  • Coming home

The Tare Card The World is a special card in my eyes, because it really represents perfection. This is not to say that there is no more movement in the realms of life, but it cannot get any better, only different. This card also symbolizes a coming home, a coming to oneself. A wonderful feeling and accessible for everyone who draws this card.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card The World

The tarot card The World symbolizes perfection. Analogously, it means the journey of thoughts, experiments and trials is completed, now it is only about living and expressing one’s life. This applies to the different areas of life like self-realization, profession and relationships of any kind. The World shows a maturity when it comes to thought models and rituals. Students have come a long way and the time is ripe to pass on the knowledge they have learned. In my opinion, this is not only about theoretical knowledge, but above all about self-experience. The students benefit a lot from this, because they are also taught emotions and feelings.

The World In Love And Relationship

In terms of relationship and attraction, the map The World states that positive energy prevails. Lovers understand each other on a friendly and intellectual level as well as on a romantic level. It depends on the context with which other tarot cards The World is connected, but this is basically true for any tarot card. If World stands alone, it shows a happy relationship, a situation that could not be better. If, on the other hand, it is about a separation, this card says that there is then nothing more to say and life goes on. Even if the perfect end of a relationship does not really exist, I believe that there can be favorable conditions to start a new life. The World offers such favorable conditions.

The World In Money And Career

If the tarot card “The World for Working Life” is shown, then it is a matter of lived vocation. Sometimes it takes a while until it is recognized, let alone lived. The World takes care of this optimization, it offers the most favorable conditions to live out the vocation exactly as it has always been the wish and even better. The universe knows exactly which means are really needed and also gives a big plus in intuition and logic. Suddenly doors open, which previously seemed to be firmly closed. Thus the meaning dream job gets its meaning, because the person concerned has always dreamed of it.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card The World

If the card The World is drawn the wrong way round, it points to the Underworld. Here you are dealing with forces and energies that are not easy to handle. Nevertheless, they exert a great attraction on one or the other. This suction is not without danger, so special caution is required here, in my opinion. Furthermore it is about fear or anger towards the World. This may sometimes be due to negative experiences from the past, but I am firmly convinced that the World shows that it needs people and people need the World. I think that periods of rest in themselves are quite sufficient to surrender to a possible fantasy World.

The World In Combination

The World And The Fool

This combination symbolizes suicide or depression and frustration. Traditional boundaries are crossed, suggesting something beyond understanding and control.

The World And The Magician

When these two cards are combined, a person who creates and produces beautiful things for other people is revealed. Maybe an architect who designs apartments and houses.

The World And The High Priestess

A very powerful spirit is at work here. A person who lives subordinates. A person who is respected but almost without friends. Someone who can predict the future with considerable accuracy.

The World And The Empress

If these cards are connected, then the World is a friend. The needs are present and fulfilled by nature. A feeling of belonging dominates and feels good.

The World And The Emperor

This constellation shows an experiment for which there are no words. Perception of the universal order is sharpened. Even doing nothing in the sense of meditation.

The World And The Hierophant

This constellation shows a contract or other formal agreement, especially the signing of a corresponding document. A construction or symbol that has religious, mystical or patriotic meaning is in the foreground.

The World And The Lovers

Refers to everything that concerns the World and the lovers. Social isolation and rejection are in the foreground. Physical reserves and deficits as well. A person plans a life with another person, the life should be official and secured.

The World And The Chariot

Represents a person who is a follower. The opposite of a leader. It represents a person who is not dangerous, but rather runs away.

The World And Justice

It is about a person who likes hard and dirty work.

A feeling of foreboding or worry is also evident.

The World And The Hermit

Here it is about the clear perception of the existence of other people, especially a certain person. A moment in which the senses, especially the senses of seeing, hearing and feeling are very sharp to almost sensual excitement.

The World And The Wheel Of Fortune

Habits break apart. Violence in one’s own four walls can be seen, but it can also be a verbal form of violence. A formal end for one thing and a beginning for another sets clear cornerstones.

The World And Strength

A person who likes hard and dirty work can be recognized here.

A feeling of foreboding or worry dominates the emotional life.

The World And The Hanged Man

Refers to a completed history. An experience that seems isolated and has nothing to do with others. The loss of feeling associated with death prevails here. A person who has had an experience that has changed his life greatly takes an important place in it.

The World And Death

Producing under pressure is an art that is in the foreground here. Also a time of tiredness, in which nevertheless much is achieved, because of habits or necessities. The curse of endless work can be annoying at times.

The World And Temperance

Sudden and complete loss of interest is the consequence. Once a thing is completely under control, it is no longer interesting. A feeling that you already know or have done everything. It is time to start something completely new.

The World And The Devil

Everything that has to do with time and its perception produces this constellation.

Depending on how one reads the cards, time or things are missing. If a number card follows this constellation, it can be decisive for the future.

The World And The Star

Material comfort combined with a good reputation results in added value

It is about a good and solid citizen.

The World And The Moon

A need to unite with others for mutual protection is in the foreground. A good omen for the foundation of a company or club.

National bad times can also be seen here.

The World And The Sun

Here we see a situation in which one person clearly wins and the other clearly loses. Division between rich and poor can be recognized, the same is true for the strong and weak.

The World And Judgement

A person is about to change completely. May signal a need to avoid further divination.

Tarot Card The World As Advice

The map of the World is a very special map for me, because in my opinion it shows you that you are on the right path today and gives you a valuable piece of confirmation. I recommend you to follow your path further.

In Love

Often enough there is skepticism and doubt in love. But today you may relax especially, because everything is as it should be. I advise you to remember this, even if there are different opinions, because this aspect is also part of a relationship.

At Work

The map of the World points out to you that today, professionally, everything runs as it should. You can use this confirmation for yourself in a targeted manner and accept both positive and negative aspects of your work and make the best of it. I strongly recommend that you take a positive view of your profession today.

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