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The Tower Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of XVI The Tower Tarot Card?The Tarot Card The Tower stands for a collapse. This can be the collapse of previous belief patterns and thought models or an old concept of life, which is completely abandoned and instead a new life is started.

Short Meaning Of The Tower

  • Collapse
  • Earthquake
  • New start
  • Resolution
  • Change

The Tarot Card the Tower stands above all for dissolution and destruction. This can be seen materially as well as metaphorically. Either way, in any case it is important to adapt to the new life situation. This may take a while, so it is recommended to be patient with yourself to master the new situation successfully.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card The Tower

The Tower conveys a real earthquake in the Tarot, because nothing will be the way it used to be. Whether or not this fact was intentionally brought about or rather not, it does not contribute anything to the facts of the situation. Affected people, who have chosen to end a phase of life on their own initiative, sometimes find it a little easier to get involved in a new phase of life. However, those whom Tower has met unprepared usually have to reorient themselves and see which paths they should take. I think in such a phase it is very important to give yourself enough time to look at the new life circumstances in peace. Then new rituals and life concepts can still be created. As the saying goes? Good things take time.

The Tower In Love And Relationship

In terms of love and relationship, Tower brings a rather unpleasant surprise. The foundations of the relationship could collapse, depending on how solid they are and how long the relationship has lasted. The Tower also shows violence, either physical or emotional. In either case, the relationship between two people will change drastically. The Tower does not take feelings or nostalgic thinking into account. I can imagine it is a consolation in this matter that this tarot card can also be seen as a purifying thunderstorm. Although unavoidable, there is a real chance for a successful and fresh new beginning afterwards. Here it does not help to close your eyes and wish that everything would be like before. This will not happen, because life is and remains change. This also applies to the relationships in our lives.

The Tower In Money And Career

If you are interested in the profession and have drawn the tarot card The Tower, you can expect an end. The end may even affect the employment relationship itself or a degradation must be accepted. Such a change of profession can happen very quickly, so quickly that it can become difficult for the person concerned to react appropriately or even to prepare himself. Here it is important to be flexible. In any case, a professional defeat must first be expected before things can continue. In this difficult situation, I would recommend not to bury one’s head in the sand, but to see the professional breakdown as an opportunity to go for something that is even more fun or lucrative. In this way a virtue can be made out of a necessity.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card The Tower

If The Tower is shown upside down, it is evidence of irrational thinking and destructive actions and actions. This is accompanied by a certain cruelty, which can indeed be frightening. Here I find it very important to draw clear boundaries for oneself, so that one is protected and various ways of thinking and behavior patterns cannot penetrate into one’s own inner being. Because if you don’t take good enough care of yourself, you will involuntarily become infected with destructiveness and negativity.

Tarot Card The Tower As Advice

For me, the Tower symbolizes an emotional breakthrough. Sometimes we struggle with certain emotions for a long time. I would like to ask you today to pay close attention to how such emotions are slowly but surely released and you can breathe more freely again. Please take a deep breath and feel a new freedom.

In Love

Sometimes emotions get a little high when there are differences of opinion in the relationship. I advise you not to let your emotions overwhelm you today, but to consider them as something that will move again, like the clouds in the sky. In this way you will gradually gain more and more control over your emotions.

At Work

The map of the Tower shows you that you should not get too emotionally attached to your projects today. I advise you to apply this to your colleagues as well, so that you can concentrate better on your actual work and achieve an emotional breakthrough.

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