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The Temperance Tarot Card Meaning

The Image

What is the meaning of The Temperance Tarot Card?With his one foot in the water, and the other on the solid ground, an angelic figure who is believed to be Archangel Michael is carefully pouring a liquid from one cup into another. Believed to be both male and female, the Archangel depicts a balance between genders. The triangle on his chest is a symbol of spirit contained in the matter. The card symbolizes a balance between the internal and external, between the subconscious and the outer world.


Balancing emotions, moderate behavior, reconciling the opposites, patience, harmony and flow, self-discipline, patience, timing, higher consciousness.

The General Meaning of the Temperance

Following the traumatic experience of Death, The Temperance offers peace, harmony and healing. The card of mixing, blending and tempering, it depicts a time when separate elements begin to synthesize to create new balance. The Temperance is considered one of the Virtue Trump cards and their appearance in the spread suggests that there is an area in your life that you need to work on, improve. The archangel on the Temperance card with his peaceful and focused expression, reminds us that now is a time to focus, slow down, and calm our emotions.

The Temperance As Balance and Moderation

Temperance card often appears in Tarot spreads when there is much emotional upheaval and anxiety. It signifies that the querent is struggling to keep his cool and yet that peaceful, moderate approach is needed. The image on the Temperance card depicts mixing of wine and water: an act of cooling down emotions and desires.

The Temperance As Patience

When you look at the image on the card, the time seems to be irrelevant. All that matters is the act of pouring water from one cup into another without missing a drop. Any attempt to speed up the process, would lead to a spill. Think of the time when you last tried to pour liquid in to a narrow bottle. To succeed, you focused your eyes and steadied your hand and took your time. The Temperance suggests that you need that level of patience and focus in you life now.

The Temperance As Healing

The actions of The Temperance are often linked to pouring oil over troubled water. In spiritual sense, it is about calming conflicting emotions. In health readings, it could literally point to correct mix of medications, as well as balanced diet and exercise, and positive mental state that are needed to restore our body back to health.

The Temperance As Advice Card

You may feel under pressure, you may want to speed things up, urgently fix a problem but The Temperance will ask you to take a deep breath. Focus on you first, address the anxieties, worries, or any violent emotions that are within. You are presented with these challenges to learn how to bring balance and moderation into your life.

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