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The Sun Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of XIX The Sun Tarot Card?The Sun stands in the Tarot points to light, truth and healing. Just as the Suns are able to displace every shadow, so the light in a figurative sense can lead to healing of body and mind. Like the plants and animals, man belongs to a greater order in the universe and all need the light to grow. Bright and warm, the Sun floods even the darkest corners and brings life there.

Short Meaning The Sun

  • Light
  • truth
  • Healing
  • Recovery
  • Fame

The Tarot Card the Sun stands compressed for all good things in life, be it healing, truth, fame or the like. In my opinion one of the most beautiful tarot cards there is. At the same time I don’t think that too much light and Sun is necessarily positive, because everything needs its balance. In my opinion, a little shadow at the right time can do a lot of good.

General Interpretation Of The Tarot Card The Sun

The tarot card the Sun is a very popular card, because it stands for life and positive energy par excellence. In fact, it provides not only for growth and prosperity, but also for truth. All positive aspects are generally attributed to light, all negative aspects to the dark realm of shadow. However, I think it is important to remember that there are many shades of color instead of just light and dark or black and white.

The Sun In Love And Relationship

The Sun shows itself in love as a happy ending. It can be that a relationship finally works again after many difficulties or that an old relationship from the past is taken up again. In any case, the tarot card the Sun points to a relationship whose wounds could heal. The improvements are not always visible on the visible level, because it often happens that the emotional world of the respective partners is at stake. The subjective feeling improves noticeably here and contributes to an increased zest for life.

The Sun In Money and Career

If you draw the tarot card The Sun for the profession, you can expect a certain fame. This is accompanied by a particularly good mood, as it is typical for a summer day with blue sky when the Sun is shining. The tarot card the Sun gives the same feeling. A feeling of self-confidence, magic and a desire for the future and life in general. If it is about an exam, a very good result can be expected here. Whoever is employed can be sure that it is a good company, there are no secrets and the employees are treated fairly. Even if it’s not exactly the dream job that’s being pursued, the Sun still gives the feeling that the work is fun and the good mood is not neglected. I think that this way you can hold out for a while until the chance of the so-called dream job arises.

The Meaning Of The Reversed Tarot Card The Sun

If the tarot card is upside down, this indicates a blender. On the outside, a show is being put on, but inside there is emptiness and coldness. So this bragging is mostly a sign of own emptiness, which should remain hidden. If you are dealing with such a situation, you can generally deal with the topic more illusory than real and try to fathom what might be behind it. The question is often what to compensate for. While the affected person can work on himself, this cannot be expected from his environment. Those who find this bragging very annoying can withdraw if it is possible. Nobody has to be burdened or annoyed with unnecessary things, life is too short for that.

The Sun In Combination

The Sun And The Fool

A simple life in earthly paradise is suggested here. The events may not be sufficiently controlled, performance is rather in the background.

The Sun And The Magician

A person is shown who can heal body and mind. This healing is the focus of this combination.

The Sun And The High Priestess

Obviously it is about immediate and lasting friendship. Not necessarily a peaceful relationship, but still a perfect connection. You meet someone who gives you the feeling that you know someone from a previous life.

The Sun And The Empress

Means indirect use of energy. The own vocation is found and lived. Shyness and modesty combined with unusual and special mental abilities results in a valuable character.

The Sun And The Emperor

Here a preference for heights, both physical and mental, is evident. A magnanimous leader is nearby. A trustworthy and powerful person is represented by this leader.

The Sun And The Hierophant

Indicates good weather and the right mood for life. The love for the wild country is particularly evident here. A feeling of drawing strength from nature enriches this person.

The Sun And The Lovers

Points to long life together, you change together with a person. It would be negative if one person changes and his lover does not.

The Sun And The Chariot

Refers to a person with natural rank. A person who is respected for his appearance and manner.

The Sun And Justice

A person who surprises others is in focus. Someone who appears larger than life for no apparent reason. People who exude calm and meaning also play an important role here.

The Sun And The Hermit

Refers to richness of materials and possibilities. A feeling of being in harmony with the goal of life fills the person concerned.

The Sun And The Wheel Of Fortune

This constellation points to the protection of the weak by the strong. A well-running community also protects and therefore plays a superior role.

The Sun And Strength

It is about a person who surprises others. Jemad who appears larger than life for no apparent reason. People who exude calm and meaning dominate the environment.

The Sun And The Hanged Man

Means a person who has too high an opinion of himself. One who spends a lot of time reigning over abilities that have never been put to the test. Not reliable, but sometimes able to do things surprisingly well. A tendency to have initial happiness can be seen here. Also someone who follows hidden clues, even if there are none.

The Sun And Death

If these cards are in relation to each other, then it is simply a matter of luck. Happy feelings, happy situations and good health. An extremely favorable combination

The Sun And Temperance

A spoilsport is shown in this combination. Someone who deliberately does not get excited. A person who automatically finds excuses to avoid social activities.

The Sun And The Devil

Deception and fear of getting caught for something dominate here. It is about guilt for having sinned. Sometimes, but more rarely, a sense of identity with the great creative power of the world is created.

The Sun And The Star

Indicates a person with considerable skill who should use an even greater strength. This is a good indication when awarding contracts for services. A perception or action to remain in a professional situation is reinforced here.

The Sun And The Moon

Refers to a time of hunger and renunciation. Speed is a good thing in this constellation. There is also the danger of getting sick due to temperature fluctuations: cold, flu, pneumonia. The danger exists for young and old alike.

The Sun And The Judgement

Here we see a situation in which one person clearly wins and the other clearly loses. Division between rich and poor can be recognized, the same is true for the strong and weak.

The Sun And The World

Means increasing the influence on the daily cycle. All things come to those who wait and exercise patience.

Tarot Card The Sun As Advice

In the daily menu the Sun I see your powerful creativity and warmth. This way you will succeed in everything you tackle and the full attention of other people is assured. Enjoy your time to the full, because you can only win with this lucky card.

In Love

Through the Sun your relationship will continue to blossom with love and affection. So let yourself fall calmly. Your partner will lovingly catch you even in worse times. If you do not already spend a lot of time with your partner, then you should do it now. Because laughing and making plans together will weld you even closer together.

At Work

Your inner peace and balance will make you a haven of peace among your colleagues. They especially appreciate your commitment and your ability to solve conflicts well. Maybe this will open doors for you, which will help you in your professional career. I suggest, however, that you do not rush things, but weigh them up calmly before you make a decision.

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